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SIPROTEC 7UM85 Generator protection Description The generator protection device SIPROTEC 7UM85 has been designed specifically for the protection of generators and power units. It contains all necessary main protection functions and a large number of other protection and monitoring functions. With its modular structure, flexibility, and the high-performance DIGSI 5 engineering tool, SIPROTEC 7UM85 offers futureoriented solutions for protection, control, automation, monitoring, and Power Quality – Basic. For motors in explosive environments, the SIPROTEC 7UM85 is also available with EN 60079-14 or VDE 0165, Part 1, ATEX (Verband der Elektrotechnik, Elektronik und Informationstechnik) certification Main function 5 predefined standard variants with up to 16 current transformers and 8 voltage transformers, 7 to 15 binary inputs, 9 to 20 binary outputs 4 fast measuring transducer inputs (10 V or 20 mA) In more complex power units (unit connection with generator circuit breaker and several auxiliary transformers), additional SIPROTEC 5 devices are used, for example, 7UT8x, 7SJ82, or 7SJ85 and 7SA, SD, SL86, at the upper-voltage side of the generator transformer. Using motor and generator protection functions (for example, underexcitation protection) to protect synchronous motors Detection and recording of power-quality data in the mediumvoltage and subordinate low-voltage power system Typical generator protection functions SIPROTEC 7UM85 Generator Protection (width: 1/3 x 19” to 2 x 19”) Hardware flexibility Housing width Flexibility adjustable and expandable I/O quantity structure within the scope of the modular SIPROTEC 5 system; 1/6 expansion modules can be added, available with large or small display, or without display 1/3 × 19 inches to 2 × 19 inches Functions DIGSI 5 permits all functions to be configured and combined as required. • Protection of generators in busbar connection of different power, with directional stator ground-fault protection. Short-circuit protection (overcurrent protection, impedance protection, differential protection) Protection of generators in unit connection of different power (using the 100 % stator ground fault (20 Hz) with larger generators) Stator ground-fault protection (90% non-directional or directional, 100% with 3rd harmonic, real 100% protection with 20-Hz voltage interference) Protection of power units with one device per protection group. In the generator transformer variant, the 7UM85 implements both generator and transformer protection. Rotor ground-fault protection with different measuring methods (ground current or ground-resistance monitoring)

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Efficient and modular High-precision reverse-power protection and universal power protection Unbalanced-Load Protection Universal overvoltage and undervoltage protection with different measuring methods Overfrequency and underfrequency protection, frequency change protection and monitoring of dwell time in frequency bands as turbine protection (protection against abnormal frequencies) PQ-Basic: voltage unbalance; voltage changes: overvoltage, dip, interruption; TDD, THD and Harmonics Extensive cybersecurity functionality, such as role-based access control (RBAC), protocolling...

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