SIPROTEC 7SJ82 Feeder and overcurrent protection


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Description The SIPROTEC 7SJ82 overcurrent protection has been designed specifically for a cost-effective and compact protection of feeders and lines in medium-voltage and high-voltage systems. With its flexibility and the high-performance DIGSI 5 engineering tool, the SIPROTEC 7SJ82 device offers future-oriented solutions for protection, control, automation, monitoring, and Power Quality - Basic. Main function Feeder and overcurrent protection for all voltage levels Inputs and out- 4 current transformers, 4 voltage transformers puts (optional), 11 or 23 binary inputs, 9 or 16 binary outputs, or 8 current transformers, 7 binary inputs, 7 binary outputs Hardware flexi- Different hardware quantity structures for bility binary inputs and outputs are available in the 1/3 base module. Adding 1/6 expansion modules is not possible; available with large or small display. Housing width 1/3 x 19 inches Applications • Detection and selective 3-pole tripping of short circuits in electrical equipment of star networks, lines with infeed at one or two ends, parallel lines and open-circuited or closed ring systems of all voltage levels • Detection of ground faults in isolated or arc-suppression-coil-ground power systems in star, ring, or meshed arrangement • Backup protection for differential protection devices of all kind for lines, transformers, generators, motors, and busbars • Protection and monitoring of simple capacitor banks • Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) • Reverse-power protection • Load shedding applications • Automatic switchover • Regulation or control of power transformers (two-winding transformers) • Detection and recording of power-quality data in the mediumvoltage and subordinate low-voltage power system Functions DIGSI 5 permits all functions to be configured and combined as required. • Directional and non-directional overcurrent protection with additional functions • Optimized tripping times due to directional comparison and protection data communication • Detection of ground faults of any type in compensated or isolated electrical power systems using the following functions: 3I0>, V0>, transient ground-fault function, cos 0, sin 0, dir. detection of intermittent ground faults, harmonic detection, and admittance measurement • Ground-fault detection using the pulse-detection method • Detection of intermittent ground faults with automatic blocking of statically measuring functions to avoid message and fault-record flooding • Fault locator plus for accurate fault location with in-homogenous line sections and targeted automatic overhead-line section reclosing (

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• Arc protection • Overvoltage and undervoltage protection • Frequency protection and frequency change protection for load shedding applications • Automatic frequency relief for underfrequency load shedding, taking changed infeed conditions due to decentralized power generation into consideration • Power protection, configurable as active or reactive power protection • Protection functions for capacitor banks, such as overcurrent, overload, current unbalance, peak overvoltage, or differential protection • Directional reactive power undervoltage protection (QU protection) • Control,...

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