SIPROTEC 7SD82 Line differential protection relay


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Description The SIPROTEC 7SD82line differential protection has been designed particularly for the cost-optimized and compact protection of lines in medium-voltage and high-voltage systems. With its flexibility and the high-performance DIGSI 5 engineering tool, the SIPROTEC 7SD82 device offers future-oriented solutions for protection, control, automation, monitoring, and Power Quality - Basic. Main function Differential protection for medium-voltage and high voltage applications Interoperability of SIPROTEC 5 and SIPROTEC 4 line protection devices Tripping 3-pole, minimum tripping time: 19 ms Inputs and out- 4 current transformers, 4 voltage transform-puts ers, 11 or 23 binary inputs, 9 or 16 binary outputs Hardware flexi- 2 different quantity structures for binary in-bility puts and outputs are available in the 1/3 base module. Adding 1/6 expansion modules is not possible; housing width available with large or small display. Housing width 1/3 x 19 inches Applications • Line protection for all voltage levels with 3-pole tripping • Phase-selective protection of overhead lines and cables with single-ended and multi-ended infeed of all lengths with up to 6 line ends • Transformers and compensating coils in the protection zone • Detection of ground faults in isolated or arc-suppres-sion-coilground power systems in star, ring, or meshed arrangement • Serial protection communication with SIPROTEC 5 and SIPROTEC 4 devices over different distances and physical media, such as optical fiber, two-wire connections, and communication networks SIPROTEC 7SD82 Line Differential Protection Device • Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) • Detection and recording of power-quality data in the mediumvoltage and subordinate low-voltage power system Functions DIGSI 5 permits all functions to be configured and combined as required. • Minimum tripping time: 19 ms • Main protection function is differential protection with adaptive algorithm for maximum sensitivity and stability even with the most different transformer errors, current-transformer saturation and capacitive charging currents • Directional backup protection and various additional functions • Detection of ground faults of any type in compensated or isolated electrical power systems using the following functions: 3I0>, V0>, transient ground fault, cos 9, sin 9, dir. Detection of intermittent ground faults, harmonic detection and admittance measurement • Ground fault detection using the pulse detection method • Detection of current-transformer saturation

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Fault locator plus for accurate fault location with in-homogenous line sections and targeted automatic overhead-line section reclosing (AREC) Arc protection Automatic frequency relief for underfrequency load shedding, taking changed infeed conditions due to decentralized power generation into consideration Power protection, configurable as active or reactive power protection Directional reactive power undervoltage protection (QU protection) Detection of current and voltage signals up to the 50th harmonic with high accuracy for selected protection functions (such as thermal overload...

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