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Published by and copyright © 2014: Siemens AG Infrastructure & Cities Sector Smart Grid Division Energy Automation Humboldtstr. 59 90459 Nuremberg, Germany SICAM – Substation Automation and RTUs All rights reserved. If not stated otherwise on the individual pages of this catalog, we reserve the right to include modifications, especially regarding the stated values, dimensions and weights. Drawings are not binding. All product designations used are trademarks or product names of Siemens AG or other suppliers. If not stated otherwise, all dimensions in this catalog are given in mm. Subject to change without prior notice. The information in this document contains general descriptions of the technical options available, which may not apply in all cases. The required technical options should therefore be specified in the contract. For all products using security features of OpenSSL, the following shall apply: Product Catalog · Edition 2.0 This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit ( This product includes cryptographic software written by Eric Young ( Felxible control and monitoring system SICAM – Substation Automation and RTUs For more information, please contact our Customer Support Center (charges depending on provider) Löhr&Partner/HH Global E-mail: Printed on elementary chlorine-free bleached paper. Product Catalog · Edition 2.0

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Legal Notice Appendix Indication of conformity This product complies with the directive of the Council of the European Communities on harmonization of the laws of the Member States relating to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC Council Directive 2004/108/EC) and concerning electrical equipment for use within specified voltage limits (Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC). Registered trademarks SIPROTEC, DIGSI, SIGUARD, SIMEAS and SICAM are registered trademarks of Siemens AG. Any unauthorized use is illegal. All other designations in this document can be trademarks whose use by third parties...

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SICAM - Substation Product Catalog • Edition 2.0 2.2 SICAM Station Unit 2.2/1 3.2 SICAM PQ Analyzer (Incident Explorer) 3.2/1 4.2 SICAM Protocol Test System 4.2/1 4.3 DIGSI 4 - see SIPROTEC 4 Catalog 4.4 DIGSI 5 - see SIPROTEC 5 Catalog 5.2 SIPROTEC 6MD6x - see SIPROTEC 4 Catalog 5.3 SIPROTEC 6MD8x - see SIPROTEC 5 Catalog The products and systems described in this catalog are manufactured and sold according to a certified SICAM RTUs 7.3 SICAM CMIC, EMIC, MIC, SGU - see chapter 6 7.4 SIPROTEC 7SC80 - see SIPROTEC Compact Catalog 7.5 SICAM MMU, SICAM P85x, SICAM P50 - see SICAM Power Quality...

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SICAM – Substation Automation and RTUs ⋅ Product Catalog ⋅ Edition 2.0

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Introduction Overview and solutions Preface The Frost & Sullivan Technology Leadership Award 2006 was presented to Siemens for pioneering in the development of an innovative technology, the IEC 61850. With Siemens energy automation solutions, every user is on the safe side: the combination of long-term experience and the newest innovation supplies safety for many years to come. Our solutions are not only compatible with older devices, they are also very innovative. Overview and solutions During the last years, the influences on the business of the power supply companies have changed a lot....

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Figure 1/1 Siemens energy automation products Figure 1/2 shows an example of refurbishment and central- ized data acquisition in an MV substation. The interface to the primary equipment is connected via a marshalling rack, but can use any peripheral voltage (DC 24-220V). The elec- tronic terminal blocks are designed to substitute conven- tional terminal blocks, thereby realizing a very economic design. Existing protection relays can be connected either by In new substations, the amount of cabling can be reduced by decentralizing the automation system. Both protection relays and bay...

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The flexible Siemens solutions are available for every kind of • For different voltage levels, from ring main unit to transmission substation • For gas-insulated or air-insulated switchgear • For indoor or outdoor design • For manned or unmanned substations Communication is the backbone of every automation system. Therefore, Siemens solutions are designed to collect the data from the high-voltage equipment and present them to the dif- ferent users: the right information for the right users at the right place and time with the required quality and security. Here are some default examples for...

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A subtransmission substation requires even more complexity: 2 or 3 voltage levels have to be equipped; a station operation terminal is usually required; more communication interfaces to external locations, separated control and protection devices on HV level, powerful LAN based on IEC 61850, and remote maintenance access are typical features of such In transmission substations, typically two to four voltage lev- els are to be automated. According to the high importance of such substations, availability is of the highest priority. There- fore, redundancy at substation level is generally...

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Introduction Secure and reliable operation Secure and reliable operation Siemens solutions provide human machine interfaces (HMIs) for every control level and support the operators with reliable information and secure, easy-to-use control features. At feeder level: • Conventional panels with pushbuttons and instruments for refurbishment • Electronic front panels combined with bay control units (default) • Access points for remote terminals connected to the station operation units • Portable touch panels with wireless access in defined areas At substation level: • Single or redundant HMIs •...

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Introduction Cost-effective investment and economic operation Cost-effective investment and economic operation The customized solutions from Siemens cater for effective investment. Tailor-made configurations and functions make sure that only required items are offered. The efficient tools cater for fast and easy engineering and support all project phases of an automation system, from collection of the substation data to deployment of all needed functions, and finally to reporting and archiving. The long lifetime of the involved future-proof products extend the time period between...

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