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SICAM A8000 Series - 1

Steuern, Fernwirken und Automatisieren auf kleinstem Raum SICAM A8000 Serie NEW Part 2 SICAM A8000 Series Operation, telecontrol, and automation in the smallest spaces

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SICAM A8000 Series - 2

The SICAM A8000 series is a new modular device range for telecontrol and automation applications. The most important features are: Development steps Highlights at a glance Rough ambient conditions Space-saving design Communication modules and power supplies Processor module and expansion modules Long product lifecycle Integrated communication Analog input module Cyber security Cyber Security The complete product family

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SICAM A8000 Series - 3

What we’ve accomplished so far We’ve launched of the SICAM A8000 series, specifically CP-8000/21/22 and associated I/O modules, accompanied by a wide range of communication activities: market launch manual, flyer, presentation, booklet and promotion pack. Processor module Power supplies The SICAM A8000 series continues. A more powerful processor and power supplies, new communication, enhanced cyber-security functionalities, an additional I/Os and new parameterization software have been added to the series.

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SICAM A8000 Series - 4

The SICAM A8000 device range is designed for many different tasks, from simple to complex. Always adaptable to the actual requirements, use it anywhere along the entire energy supply chain. Data nodes Communication gateway Module by module:Tailor precisely to your application Ready to meet all challenges with a modular system concept and a powerful CPU: • Daisy chain & ring • Operates via standard Ethernet, max. 100 m • Max. 16 I/O lines • Max. 14 interfaces • Integrated firewall SMART RAIL GRIDS SMART DISTRIBUTION Transformer substations Distribution and secondary substations Industrial...

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SICAM A8000 Series - 5

Great benefits right from the factory: Well designed for practical use Platform modularity for versatile application options and reduced inventory Extended temperature range of -40°C to +70°C for rough ambient conditions Highest EMC stability up to 5 kV (IEC 60255) for direct use in substations Integrated short-circuit indicator functionality for use in cable network monitoring Use of international standards such as IEC 61850 for high investment security Integrated crypto chip and IPSec encryption to fulfill the high cyber security requirements Multitude of interfaces and integrated GPRS...

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SICAM A8000 Series - 6

A strong team: Equipped for any task CP-8000 Processor with integrated power supply and display Processor with external power supply Processor + GPRS with external power supply I/O expansion modules in any combination The SICAM A8000 series consists of a combination of modules for processor, power supply and expansions for various tasks such as operation, telecontrol, automation and communication. * The new position of the power supply module(s) allows for redundancy which can increase availability of the system. 10 Ethernet communication modules Processor with external power supply...

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SICAM A8000 Series - 7

Temperature range Interfaces CI-8520 Switch functionality CI-8521* Switch functionality -25°C to +70°C Max. two modules can be mounted 5 x Ethernet per module Freely configurable Integrated firewall RSTP, HSR, PRP Freely configurable Integrated firewall Hardware-based application layer firewall RSTP, HSR, PRP Power supplies PS-8640 Nominal input voltage Output power Nominal input voltage Output power 1 Voltage output for external modem or signaling voltage Output power 2

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SICAM A8000 Series - 8

CP-8050 Processor Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 Real-time clock Interfaces Internal FLASH 2 GB RAM: 512 MB ECC secured Optional SD card up to 2 GB Protected against power outages for up to 72 h 2 x RJ45 (Ethernet) 1 x RS-232 (RJ45) 1 x RS-485 10 x RJ45 (Ethernet) with optional CI modules Up to 8 communication protocols simultaneously on one CP unit Expansion modulesCI-8530/32 Data points 200,000 System Watchdog error relay voltage incl. tolerance CI-8532: DC 82.5.286 V incl. tolerance Output Uout1 DC 5.15 V

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SICAM A8000 Series - 9

Inputs for temperature 4, electrically isolated Pt100 Pt1000 Ni100 2-wire, 3-wire, 4-wire 0.19 % at 25 °C 11 mQ or 110 mQ Max. 0.8 W (via internal bus) * in preparation Inputs Temperature sensors Measurement Accuracy Resolution Power supply Cyber Security • Integrated crypto chip protects data in a secure environment. • IPSec encryption facilitates secure communication over IP networks. • https protocol ensures secure transmission of sensitive data. • BDEW white paper conformity fulfills the recommendations for secure control and communication systems. • Password protected access ensures...

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SICAM A8000 Series - 10

Access SICAM A8000 easily with a browser Benefits: • Access to all parameters 24/7 • One time address assignment • Unlimited users • Maximum user friendliness An integrated tool for all automation tasks Benefits: • Minimizes initial setup work • Rational, efficient engineering With SICAM Device Manager • Project and device management for: CP-8000, CP-8021, CP-8022 • Device duplication • Network connection to device via SICAM WEB Benefits: • Easy, clear management of projects and devices in folder structures • Little parameterization work necessary thanks to device duplication and automatic...

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SICAM A8000 Series - 11

The following applies to all products that include OpenSSL IT security functions: This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit ( This product includes cryptographic software written by Eric Young ( Order numbers Module Changes and errors reserved. The information provided in this document contains descriptions or characteristics of performance which in case of actual use do not always apply as described or which may change as a result of further development of the products. An obligation to provide the...

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