Reyrolle 7SR17 Rho Motor Protection


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Description The 7SR17 Rho motor protection provides protection, control, monitoring, instrumentation and metering with integrated input and output logic, data logging and fault reports. The relays have an extensive protection function package and hardware design as standard with options for voltage inputs, increased binary inputs and outputs and IEC61850 communications. Main Function Protection for 3 phase induction motors Inputs and Outputs 4 Current Transformers with 1A and 5A Inputs, 3 Voltage Transformers, 3 or 6 Binary Inputs and 5 or 8 Binary Outputs Communication Front USB, Rear RS485, Rear option for Two Electrical or Two Optical Ethernet Housing Size E4 or E6, 4U high - withdrawable design Applications • Motor protection functions designed to protect during all motor starting and running sequences • Thermal algorithm optimized to closely match the thermal characteristics of motors • Thermal monitoring via plant temperature sensors supported Benefits • Our one box solution provides a complete set of motor specific protection and supervision functions • User configurable thermal curves allows application to all motors • Local interface designed to ensure consistency across products with a familiar layout and USB port for easy connection • User friendly local access allows protection settings to be viewed and edited from the fascia Optional Ethernet Optical or Electrical interface for IEC61850 compatible with IEC61850 Editions 1 & 2 • Redundancy protocols PRP and HSR supported. • User configurable alarms and indications provided on LCD and 9

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Protection functions • 37 Undercurrent • 46NPS Negative Phase Sequence Overcurrent • 50G/N/SEF Instantaneous Earth Fault • 50BF Circuit Breaker Fail • 51 Time Delayed Overcurrent • 51G/N/SEF Time Delayed Measured/Derived/Sensitive EF • 87REF High Impedance REF • 47 Negative Phase Sequence Voltage • 67/50 Directional Instantaneous Overcurrent • 67/50G/N/SEF Directional Instantaneous Earth Fault • 67/51 Directional Time Delayed Overcurrent • 67/51G/N/SEF Directional Time Delayed Earth Fault • 32S Directional Sensitive Power Supervision Functions • 60CTS CT Supervision • 74T/CCS Trip & Close...

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