Reyrolle 7SR158 – Argus Voltage and Frequency Protection


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Reyrolle 7SR158 - ArgusVoltage and Frequency Protection Description The 7SR158 voltage and frequency relays are numerical, multifunctional devices, with dedicated functionality designed for connection to voltage transformers. The relays also provide data storage, instrumentation, user configurable logic and data communication features. Main Function Automatic load-shedding and connection for secure grid operation in the voltage and frequency band. Inputs and Outputs 3 Voltage Transformers, 6 Binary Inputs and 8 Binary Outputs Communication Front USB, Rear RS485, Rear option for Two Electrical or Two Optical Ethernet Housing Size E4 or E6, 4U high - Withdrawable design Benefits • 10 Fault records are displayed on the relay fascia. • Up to 1000 events are stored and time tagged to 1ms resolution. The time and date can be set and are maintained while the relay is de-energised by a back up storage capacitor • 9 User Programmable Tri-colour LEDs • Circuit breaker trip and maintenance counter • Waveform recorder stores 10 records (1 second duration) • Four Settings Groups • 2 Levels Password Protection • Self Monitoring • Optional Ethernet optical or electrical interface for IEC61850, compatible with editions 1 & 2 Applications • 4 Stage Under & Overvoltage protection • 6 Stage Under Frequency protection & 6 Stage Rate of Change of Frequency for Load Shedding • Vector Shift for Islanding Schemes • Suitable for Auto Transfer Schemes with user defined logics. Voltage monitoring and protection for Bus-Bar P

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Reydisp software • Our user friendly PC software tool ensures a smooth installation providing an efficient and intuitive interface to the relay. Protection functions • 27/59 Under/Over Voltage - 4 stages • 47 Negative Phase Sequence Voltage - 2 stage • 59N Neutral Voltage Displacement • 78 Voltage Vector Shift • 81 Under/Over Frequency - 6 stages • 81R Rate Of Change Of Frequency - 6 stages Supervision Functions • 74T/CCS Trip And Close Circuit Supervision Control Functions • 86 Lockout • User Programmable Logic • CB Control Communication • IEC60870-5-103 Siemens Protection For enquires...

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