Reyrolle 7SR11 & 7SR12 Argus Overcurrent Protection


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Reyrolle 7SR11 & 7SR12 Argus Overcurrent Protection - 1

Description The 7SR11 and 7SR12 Argus feeder protection devices provide overcurrent and earth fault protection with the 7SR12 also offering voltage elements for directional control and a suite of supporting voltage functions. In addition to the extensive protection function package our cost effective relays provide control, integrated input and output logic, monitoring, instrumentation and fault reports. Main Function Feeder protection for distribution and industrial networks Inputs and Outputs 1 or 4 Current Transformers with 1A and 5A Inputs, 3 Voltage Transformers, 3 or 6 Binary Inputs and 5 or 8 Binary Outputs Communication Front USB, Rear RS485, Rear option for Two Electrical or Two Optical Ethernet Housing Size E4 or E6, 4U high - withdrawable design Benefits • User configurable overcurrent curves provide enhanced grading of the protection system • Comprehensive function package with optional Auto reclose • Local interface designed to ensure consistency across products and provide a user friendly access to the menu structure • Optional Ethernet Optical or Electrical interface for IEC61850, compatible with Editions 1 & 2 • Ethernet Redundancy protocols PRP and HSR supported Applications • Single CT option for Restricted Earth Fault applications. • Sensitive Earth Fault input available • Measured and calculated/derived Earth fault protection elements to provide a flexible solution when both earth fault and restricted earth fault are required • Detection of earth faults in all networks including isolated and compensated networks • High speed overcurrent elements for use with Arc detectors to provide a high speed fault detection and tripping • Directional power and directional sensitive power

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Reyrolle 7SR11 & 7SR12 Argus Overcurrent Protection - 2

Protection functions • 7 Undercurrent • 46BC Broken Conductor / Load Unbalance • 46NPS Negative Phase Sequence Overcurrent • 49 Thermal Overload • 50G/N/SEF Instantaneous Earth Fault • 50AFD Arc Flash Detection (6 zones) • 50BF Circuit Breaker Fail • 51 Time Delayed Overcurrent • 51G/N/SEF Time Delayed Measured/Derived/Sensitive EF • 64H High Impedance REF • 47 Negative Phase Sequence Voltage • 51V Voltage Controlled Overcurrent • 59N Neutral Voltage Displacement • 67/50 Directional Instantaneous Overcurrent • 67/50/G/N/SEF Directional Instantaneous Earth Fault • 67/51 Directional Time...

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