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SICAM CMIC The smart cube for your distribution network Answers for infrastructure and cities.

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Simply smart: The compact telecontrol unit SICAM CMIC compact micro Three-stage intelligence Supervision / monitoring Telecontrol Minimizing downtime Load flow control High availability Rapid fault location Management of distributed infeeds Minimizing losses

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Catalog SICAM CMIC - 3

Outstanding performance: SICAM CMIC gives you a clear advantage SICAM CMIC is a universal system. It is suitable for electrical distribution substations, gas distribution substations, hydropower plants, pipelines, railway power supplies, as well as in building protection or for alarm signaling. Your advantages at a glance: ink it up: L Coupling of additional devices thanks to integrated node functionality Set it up: Configuration, diagnostics and tests via a Web server; alternatively per SICAM TOOLBOX II Be mobile: Reduction in work load through remote maintenance, remote diagnosis and...

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Versatility across the board: SICAM CMIC makes it possible Future-proof and universal use The economic demands on virtually all power supply processes are increasing: That’s why it is imperative to make more intensive and more reliable use of existing operating resources. To do this, small substations are being automated to an increasing extent and integrated in modern, efficient control systems – for comprehensive and reliable system management. What this requires, in addition to straightforward monitoring functionality, are control functions and the integration of other equipment. SICAM...

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Easy to operate: Keep yourself in the picture Expandable and talented in multiple disciplines Thanks to its node functionality SICAM CMIC is flexible and can even be used as a telecontrol substation with any form of communication to the control center. If the scope of signals of a SICAM CMIC should ever be insufficient, additional SICAM CMICs or other devices can be connected. Freely programmable user programs for local control, interlocking or regulating functions round out the versatile attributes of the SICAM CMIC. Communicative and always in contact There are several possible means of...

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Catalog SICAM CMIC - 6

All sides of the cube: A short profile of SICAM CMIC SICAM CMIC: Portrait Maintenance-free, small compact device for mounting on DIN rail Local operation via 4 function keys and display 12 digital inputs for messages 8 digital outputs for commands Ethernet-LAN 10/100BASE-TX, 2 ports, RS-485 and RS-232/V.24 interfaces with the common protocols: IEC 60870-5-101/-103/-104, Modbus, DNP3.0, DNP(i), etc. Freely programmable user programs in accordance with IEC 61131-3 Configuration via LAN, WAN Configuration via SICAM telecontrol center or SD card Simplified service thanks to SD card (storage of...

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Meets all requirements: The multitalented SICAM CMIC in operation Control system Ethernet connection, telecontrol protocol IEC 60870-5-104 SICAM CMIC Sample configuration: SECONDARY SUBSTATION SICAM CMIC ordering designation

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