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Description Built on years of numeric relay protection experience with the Argus family of products, the 7SR210 & 7SR220 relays are housed in 4U high, size E6,E8 or E12 cases, these relays provide protection, control, monitoring, instrumentation and metering with integrated input and output logic, data logging & fault reports. Main Function Feeder Protection for distribution and industrial networks Inputs and Outputs 4 or 5 Current Transformers with 1A and 5A Inputs, 4 Voltage Transformers, 9 or 39 Binary Inputs and 8 or 16 Binary Outputs Communication Front USB or Rear RS485, Rear option : Two Electrical or Two Optical Ethernet, Optional RS232 and IRIG-B ports, Optional 2 Rear ST Fibre Optic ports Housing Size E6,E8 or E12 4U high - withdrawable design Applications • Outgoing feeders, incoming feeders, bus couplers for MV applications in substations. • Measured and calculated/derived earth fault protection elements to provide a flexible solution when both earth fault and restricted earth fault are required. • Detection of earth faults in all networks including isolated and compensated networks. • High speed overcurrent elements for use with Arc detectors to provide a high speed fault detection and tripping. • 5 CT inputs allow for flexible multi-function protection. Benefits • User configurable overcurrent curves provide enhanced grading of the protection system. • Comprehensive function package with auto reclose. • Local interface designed to ensure consistency across products and provide a user friendly access to the menu structure. • Optional Ethernet Optical or Electrical interface for IEC61850, compatible with Editions 1 & 2. Ethernet Redundancy protocols PRP and HSR supported. • Fault Locator allows for indication of where the fault is on the line/cable.

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Protection functions • 21FL Fault locator • 27/59 Under / Over Voltage • 46BC Broken Conductor / Load Unbalance • 46NPS Negative Phase Sequence Overcurrent • 47 Negative Phase Sequence (NPS) voltage • 50G/N Instantaneous Earth Fault • 50BF Circuit Breaker Fail • 51 Time Delayed Overcurrent • 51C Cold Load Pickup • 51G/N Time Delayed Measured Earth Fault / SEF • 51V Voltage Controlled Overcurrent • 59N Neutral Voltage Displacement • 67/50 Bi-Directional Instantaneous Overcurrent • 67/50G/N Bi-Directional Instantaneous Earth Fault • 67/51 Bi-Directional Time Delayed Overcurrent • 67/51/G/N...

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