7SR157 – Argus Check and System Synchronising Protection


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Protecting your electrical assets, today and tomorrow 7SR157 – Argus Check and System Synchronising Protection The 7SR157 Argus is a combined check and system synchronising relay designed to carry out controlled closing of a circuit breaker using measurements of the line and bus voltages. Check or system synchronising is required whenever two parts of a power system network, each containing generation, have to be connected or re-connected together. To avoid shock loading and possible damage to primary electrical plant, the voltage, frequency and phase angle difference between the two systems should be within acceptable limits relative to one another. Key Features ¡ ndependent check, system synchronising and close on I zero settings. ¡ djustable slip frequency, phase angle, voltage blocking A and differential voltage blocking. ¡ plit system detection. S ¡ onfigurable dead/live bus and dead/live line voltage C settings, (2 State and 3 State). ¡ ntegrated manual close guard feature. I ¡ ynchronising bypass logic is provided to connect a dead S line or bus to a live line or bus.

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Network Inter-tie System Synchroniser Application Check Synchronising generally applied Check Synchronising generally applied Parallelling device Parallelling device User Interface Undervoltage Detector Differential Voltage Detector ¡ rogrammable from fascia P ¡ ser-definable logic: via Quicklogic equations and U via graphical design tool ¡ Setting groups 4 ¡ User alarms on LCD 6 Voltage Levels (Live and Dead status) Monitoring and Data Functions 25 Control System Split Detector Voltage Trim (Magnitude and Phase) Check Synchronising Check Synchronising Close Guard System Synchronising...

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