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Protecting your electrical assets... today and tomorrow The 7SR105 Rho motor protection relay is developed by using the latest generation of hardware technology. The device is housed in a 4U high, size 4 non draw-out case and these relays provide protection, monitoring, instrumentation, and metering with integrated input and output logic, data logging and fault reports. Communication access to the relay functionality is via a front USB port for local PC connection or rear electrical RS485 port for remote connection. 7SR105 Rho motor protection relay is a numerical protection relay intended for use in the motor protection applications. It provides a highly comprehensive functional software package with a range of integral application functions aimed at reducing installation, wiring, and engineering time. A wide range of measured values can be viewed on the front LCD or remotely via the communications channel. The integrated control feature allows the safe operation of a motor and monitoring its start and stop operations. Key Features ■ 4 CT - 6 AC/DC Binary Inputs/6 Binary Outputs, 9 Tri Color Programmable LEDs ■ LCD 4 Line x 20 Characters ■ 6 RTD Input (Optional) ■ Front USB port + Rear RS485 port ■ Protocols - IEC60870-5-103, DNP3.0 or Modbus RTU

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NOTE: The use of functionality is dependent on external connections to the relay i.e. some functions are mutually exclusive Control functions Stall Protection Phase Unbalance Protection ¡ otor Start / Stop Control M Thermal Overload Start Protection ¡ G Open / CB Closed fascia key control C Instantaneous Overcurrent Protection Instantaneous Earth Fault Time Delayed Overcurrent Protection T ime Delayed Derived/Measured Earth Fault Protection Feature functions ¡ wo Settings Groups T ¡ assword Protection – 2 levels P ¡ ser Programmable Logic U ¡ elf Monitoring S Supervision functions ¡ ircuit...

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