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SC600 and SIDRIVE IQ - 1

SIEMENS ll/y£j£A*MHy •for- Cvfz. SC600 and SIDRIVE IQPOC LDA DB

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SC600 and SIDRIVE IQ - 2

Digital Drive Systems Drive System Unrestricted © Siemens 2019 Page 2 October 2019

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SC600 and SIDRIVE IQ - 3

SIMOTICS CONNECT 600 makes your motors IQ-ready for the digital age SIMOTICS CONNECT 600 SIMATIC IPC327E Local SIMOTICS CONNECT 600 SIPLUS SIPLUS Customer Induction motor Unrestricted © Siemens 2019 Page 3 ➢ Sensor Package (9xPT100 Winding, Doppel PT100 bearing and 3xVibration sensors ➢ SC600 box incl. Preprocessing of vibration data ➢ IPC to transmit data in Drive System Analyzer

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SC600 and SIDRIVE IQ - 4

SIMOTICS CONNECT 600 hardware information Unrestricted © Siemens 2019 Page 4 October 2019 Conversion into Customer KPIs in SIDRIVE IQ: E.g. Motor state, Vibration monitoring, Temperature / cooling status, Rotating speed, Load, Application efficiency, Operating hours, Number of starts, geo information, Energy consumption, Electronic rating plate, Service logbook, Service information, Maintenance recommendations,...

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SC600 and SIDRIVE IQ - 5

SIDRIVE IQ – Drive System Analyzer Dashboard views for instant advice based on historic data Status about all equipment of your site KPI views of health condition Easy access to all recent and historical data of whole machines or even specific sensors Unrestricted © Siemens 2019 page 5

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SC600 and SIDRIVE IQ - 6

SIDRIVE IQ – concrete example Bearing failure HV motor Motor Bearing damage Trend development Unrestricted © Siemens 2019 Seite 6

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SC600 and SIDRIVE IQ - 7

SIDRIVE IQ Services – Your digital approach for the next generation of condition monitoring Customer‘s drivers and goals Operational challenges • Shorten unplanned downtimes by direct expert contact and cloudbased data availability enabling faster troubleshooting • Early error identification with continuous monitoring incl. automated alerts for minimized unplanned downtimes • Cloud-based analytics enabling real time fleet transparency with continuously improving data analysis • Disturbances and faults at electronic and electrical components are often subject to occur suddenly without any...

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SC600 and SIDRIVE IQ - 8

For further information please contact LDA Digital Business Team Heiko Seling LDA DB Mobile: +49 (173) 234 7716 E-mail: Heinz Stieber LDA DB Mobile: +49 (172) 2843201 E-Mail:

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