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dc motors Engineering information for Catalog DA 12

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Catalogs for "Large Drives" SINAMICS G130/G150 D 11 Drive Converter Chassis Units Drive Converter Cabinet Units Order No.: German: E86060-K5511 -A1 01 -A3 English: E86060-K5511 -A1 01-A3-7600 SINAMICS GM150/SM150 D 12 Medium-Voltage Converters 0.8 MVA to 28 MVA Order No.: German: E86060-K551 2-A1 01-A1 English: E86060-K551 2-A1 01-A1-7600 SINAMICS S120 D 21.1 Drive System 0.12 kW to 1200 kW Order No.: German: E86060-K5521-A111-A2 English: E86060-K5521-A111-A2-7600 SINAMICS S150 D 21.3 Drive Converter Cabinet Units 75 kW to 1200 kW Order No.: German: E86060-K5521-A1 31-A1 English:...

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Engineering information for Catalog DA 12 DC Motors DA 12 T ■ 2008 Supersedes: Engineering information for Catalog DA 12 ■ 2005 © Siemens AG 2007 Shipping data Packaging tares for overland and sea transportation Subject Index

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Engineering information for Catalog DA 12 · DC Motors Introduction Siemens DC machines are used wherever power saving technology and high availability are required. Due to their high output density with small outside dimensions and their modular installation, they perfectly fit into even the smallest installation space. Due to the stepless adjustable speed, the drive can be optimally adapted to the respective conditions of use. Together with the digital SIMOREG DC MASTER converter, the DC drives can be found in all industrial sectors all over the world. DC technology is used in rolling...

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Short code table The following table gives an overview over short codes used for DC motors. The use of these short codes, possible restrictions with various motor versions and frame sizes are described in Catalog DA 12 ■ 2008, section “Selection and Ordering - Options”. Short code table for field voltage with digit “9” at position 11 of the order number (refer to section “Field”, page 13) Short Meaning Code L3Y Non-standard field voltage 110V - 500 V L4Y Non-standard field voltage < 110 V, > 500 V Short code table for the type of construction with digit “9” at position 12 of the order...

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Short Meaning Code G16 P0G9 D500 pulse generator G20 Tachometer mounting TD3 A4 KAEM or KASM G28 Tachometer mounting GTB 9.06 L/420 G30 Tachometer mounting TDP 0.09L T-3 G77 Prepared for the mounting of TDP 1.2 or GMP 1.0 (type of construction B5n) G78 Prepared for the mounting of ROD436 G92 Tachometer/pulse generator mounting with brake H14 Tachometer mounting TDP 0.2L T-4 H54 ROD 436 pulse generator, 1024 pulses H55 POG9D pulse generator, 1024 pulses H56 POG10D pulse generator, 1024 pulses K02 Vibration quantity level K17 Sealing ring on drive end K18 Bearing design for gear mounting,...

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General information on the dimension tables in Catalog DA12 Shaft ends Shaft end diameter mm over 21 to 24 over 24 to 30 over 30 to 38 All dimensions are in mm. Fits The shaft ends and centering spigot diameters specified in the dimension tables are machined in accordance with the fits specified in the following table. Dimension ISO fit in accordance with DIN 748, DIN ISO 286 and DIN EN 50347 mm Certified dimensions, tolerances The dimensions a, b, b-|, e-|, h, d, i, t and u, specified in the following dimension tables, are certified for all listed designs and will remain unchanged for the...

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Overview of cooling types and degrees of protection Open-looped cooling circuit Suitable for use in dry indoor rooms with low dust levels Closed-looped cooling circuit The modular structure of the motors enables the following cooling methods and degrees of protection to be derived from one basic motor module Suitable for use outdoors or in extremely dusty and/or humid environments Heat exchange through external cooling using air-to-air heat exchanger Air-to-air heat exchanger, fan unit 1HQ Heat exchange IC W37 A86 through external cooling using air-to-water heat exchanger Air-to-water heat...

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Structure of standard DC motors Standard air flow direction from non-drive end to drive end for intensive commutator ventilation, air flow direction from drive end to non-drive end also possible. Derating possibly required.

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DURIGNIT 2000 insulation system The insulation consists mainly of plastic materials with a high thermal overload capacity and resistance to tracking. It also meets the requirements placed on motors that are operating in tropical conditions (humid and hot climate). Temperature class 155 (F) (overtemperature limit 105 K at a cooling medium temperature of 40 °C) is used for 1G.5/1 H.5 motors. The output must be reduced by 13% to 87% when the motors are used in accordance with temperature class 130 (B). Temperature cIass 180 (H) (overtemperature limit 125 K at a cooling medium temperature of 40...

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Supply, converter connection, armature voltage and smoothing reactor The rated voltages specified in the selection tables are standard voltages in accordance with DIN 40030. The ratings at these rated voltages are only valid in conjunction with the specified converter connection and supply voltage. All inductance values specified in the “Selection and ordering data” tables of Catalog DA 12 ■ 2008 are at 100 Hz, for singlephase and at 300 Hz, for three-phase bridge circuits. Assignment of armature and rated voltages to supply voltage and converter connection Non-standard voltages and...

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Speed and speed control DC motors are operated within the armature control range until The speed-output diagram shows the relation between they reach the rated speed n\|. In this case the motor speed n is Voltage V Current I, Output P Torque Mand Speed n. approximately proportional to the armature voltage V. Furthermore the machine can be operated by field weakening, i.e. by reducing the field current to the maximum field weakening speed nFmax, respectively to the mechanic speed limit nmech. n N Rated speed n Fmax Max. field weakening speed at PN = constant n mech Max. permissible operating...

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Speed specifications on the rating plate When ordering, the field weakening speed is specified on the rating plate as shown in the following table. with reference to Pn ar|d On

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