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Zone control ZLM1-B1612E42 ONLINE DATA SHEET

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Zone control Model Name Part No. > ZLM1-B1612E42 > 7028842 At a glance • Solenoid valve for controlling the actuator • Integrated logic ensures controlled flow of goods on conveyor systems, e.g. single feed, block feed, single release, or block release • Facility for connecting any binary sensor, e.g., optoelectronic, inductive, etc. • Connecting cable for sensors mounted farther away • Installation in the conveyor's side tray Your benefits • The ideal standalone solution, saving on cabling, simplifying control, and permitting clearly structured, modular expansion of conveyor systems •...

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Number of sensors in series: Actuator control: Logical functions: Media connector: Design solenoid valve: Mode of operation solenoid valve: Connection type solenoid valve: Coil voltage: Coil performance: Operating pressure range: Ventilation capacity: Cable material: slug release, single release, individual feed compressed air or neutral gases filtered, non-lubricated or lubricated instant-plug-in connector control line 4 mm diameter, instant-plug-in connector compressed air 8 mm diameter Cable with receptacle, M12, 4-pin Limit values, the device may connect only to protected extra low...

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Dimensional drawing Connection type Connection diagram Zone controlAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA© SICK AG. Subject to change without notice.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA8/27/2012 10:19:52 AM

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