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MultiTask photoelectric sensors Sensor Intelligence.

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LESS IS MORE: TranspaTect DELIVERS COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY WITHOUT REFLECTORS Installing a reflector is now a thing of the past, with the new TranspaTect MultiTask photoelectric sensor! Reliability without reflectors Convincing benefits The TranspaTect detects transparent and semi-transparent objects as well as glossy, mirrored, or uneven surfaces reliably. Using the very latest SICK technologies, TranspaTect can detect trays and bottles without using reflectors, as existing machine parts such as panels or walls perform this role instead. Together with the AutoAdapt feature, TranspaTect...

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TranspaTect FOR THE FOOD AND BEVERAGE, AND PHARMACEUTICALS INDUSTRIES Benefits for machine designers and system operators Machine designers and system operators are living with reflector workarounds. These can be redesigning the machine to install reflectors in tight spaces. Another workaround is to require regular cleaning intervals as reflectors can be damaged or even destroyed by aggressive cleaning agents. With TranspaTect, these issues are now a thing of the past. This innovative detection solution affords machine designers unprecedented freedom when it comes to designing machines, and...

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TranspaTect seeing and believing Detection of transparent objects without a reflector • hanks to the latest SICK technology, you can now do T away with reflectors completely • ny stable, matte background, can act as the reference A surface Benefits • No need for troublesome reflectors • Procurement and maintenance costs are minimized • Quick installation time AutoAdapt Continuous threshold adaptation from SICK, which not only readjusts the switching threshold during the course of operation, but also sets the original threshold after the cleaning process. Benefits: Fewer machine stoppages...

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Rugged metal housing • urable die-cast zinc housing D • esistant to vibrations and impact R Benefits: • Outstanding reliability even under demanding application conditions • Enhanced chemical resistance with optional Teflon coating Ecolab certification • hemical resistance against cleaning agents and C disinfectants Benefit: • Outstanding system reliability even when using aggressive cleaning agents 8016751/2013-10-30 Subject to change without notice

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TranspaTect MULTITASK PHOTOELECTRIC SENSORS One thing is clear no reflector needed Product description Thanks to new technologies from SICK, TranspaTect MultiTask photoelectric sensors are now able to detect transparent and semitransparent trays and bottles without the need for reflectors, a frequent source of errors. In these applications, the reference surface is provided by a stable matte background. Sensitivity is taught in simply by press- ing the teach-in button. Even high-gloss, reflective, or uneven surfaces can be detected reliably. Combined with AutoAdapt, SICK’s function for...

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MULTITASK PHOTOELECTRIC SENSORS TranspaTect Detailed technical data Features Sensor principle Photoelectric proximity sensor Detection principle Foreground suppression Housing design (light emission) 150 mm ... 700 mm (adjustment range background) Sensing range 0 mm ... 400 mm (detection range transparent objects) 2) Type of light Light source Visible red light PinPoint LED Light spot size (distance) Wave length Sensitivity adjustment Single teach-in button Continuous threshold adaption Referring to the background with 90 % remission (based on glass-bead blasted stainless steel,...

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TranspaTect MULTITASK PHOTOELECTRIC SENSORS Ordering information Other models available at WTF12G-3, clear material detection • Switching mode: Light/dark-switching • Adjustment: Single teach-in button • Light spot size (distance): Ø 8 mm (300 mm) Sensing range max. 1) Output type Model name Referring to the background with 90 % remission (based on glass-bead blasted stainless steel, equivalent to standard white DIN 5033) Adjustment range background 3) Detection range transparent objects 4) Detection range non-transparent objects 1) 2) Dimensional...

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MULTITASK PHOTOELECTRIC SENSORS TranspaTect Characteristic curves (Dimensions in mm (inch)) 600 Detection range object (y) Non-transparent objects Transparent objects Adjustment range background (x) Legend: x: Sensing range max. in mm (adjustment range background) = Distance sensor / background y: Sensing range in mm (detection range object) = Maximum distance sensor / front edge of the object Minimum distance sensor / background : 150 mm* *) Referring to the background with 90 % remission equivalent to standard white DIN 5033 (i.e. glass-bead blasted stainless steel). The use of a shiny...

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TranspaTect MULTITASK PHOTOELECTRIC SENSORS Recommended accessories Mounting brackets/plates Mounting brackets Figure Material Stainless steel Model name Mounting bracket, large Mounting bracket, small Plug connectors and cables Connecting cable (female connector-open) • Cable material: PVC • Connector material: TPU Figure Connection type head A Connection type head B Cable, open conductor heads Enclosure rating Model name Model name Plate N03 for universal clamp bracket Female connector, M12, 4-pin, angled Connecting cable Plate N02 for universal clamp bracket Female connector, Cable, open...

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MULTITASK PHOTOELECTRIC SENSORS TranspaTect Dimensional drawings Mounting brackets/plates Mounting brackets BEF-WG-W12 Dimensional drawings Plug connectors and cables Connecting cable (female connector-open) 8016751/2013-10-30 Subject to change without notice

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TranspaTect MULTITASK PHOTOELECTRIC SENSORS Dimensional drawings Universal bar clamp systems ) Dimensional drawings Device protection (mechanical) Protective housing/tubes BEF-SG-W12-3 8016751/2013-10-30 Subject to change without notice

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8016751/2013-10-30 Subject to change without notice

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8016751/2013-10-30 Subject to change without notice

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TranspaTect product information - 15 – search online and order Search online quickly and safely - with the SICK “Finders” Efficiency – with the E-Commerce-Tools from SICK Product Applications Literature Service Accessories Software Product Finder: We can help you to quickly target the product that best matches your application. Find out prices and availability Determine the price and possible delivery date of your desired product simply and quickly at any time. Applications Finder: Select the application description on the basis of the challenge posed, industrial sector, or product group. Literature Finder: Go...

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