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Product described T-Easic® FTS Manufacturer SICK AG Erwin-Sick-Str. 1 79183 Waldkirch Germany Legal notes This work is protected by copyright. The associated rights are reserved by SICK AG. Reproduction of this document or parts of this document is only permissible within the limits of the legal provisions of copyright law. Any modification, abridgment, or translation of this document is prohibited without the express written permission of SICK AG. The trademarks mentioned in this document are the property of their respective owners. © SICK AG. All rights reserved. Original document This...

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8023072/14X2/2019-05-13| SICK AG Subject to change without notice OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS | T-EASIC

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OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS | T-EASIC® 8023072/14X2/ 2019-05-13 | SICK AG Subject to change withou

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8023072/14X2/2019-05-13| SICK AG Subject to change without notice OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS | T-EASIC

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ABOUT THIS DOCUMENT About this document Information on the operating instructions These operating instructions provide important information on how to use sensors from SICK AG. Prerequisites for safe work are: •• Compliance with all safety notes and handling instructions supplied. Compliance with local work safety regulations and general safety regulations for sensor applications. The operating instructions are intended to be used by qualified personnel and electrical specialists. Note: Read these operating instructions carefully before starting any work on the device, in order to...

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ABOUT THIS DOCUMENT WARNING … indicates a potentially dangerous situation, which may lead to a fatality or serious injuries if not prevented. CAUTION … indicates a potentially dangerous situation, which may lead to minor/slight injuries if not prevented. IMPORTANT … indicates a potentially harmful situation, which may lead to material damage if not prevented. NOTE … highlights useful tips and recommendations as well as information for efficient and trouble-free operation. Further information NOTE All the documentation available for the sensor can be found on the online product page at:...

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SAFETY INFORMATION Safety information Intended use The T-Easic® is a flow sensor for liquids (defined in “11 Technical data”) that operates on the basis of the calorimetric measurement principle. It converts the flow rate and temperature of the medium into an electrical signal. The information of the flow rate and the medium temperature of the liquid are shown on the OLED display (industrial version only). The flow and temperature information is available over IO-Link, too. Two switching outputs can be set for both flow and temperature control. The sensor fulfills the requirements of EN...

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SAFETY INFORMATION Interfering with or modifying the sensor or SICK software will invalidate any warranty claims against SICK AG. This applies in particular to opening the housing, even as part of mounting and electrical installation work. Before making technical modifications to or expanding the sensor, the prior written approval of the manufacturer must be obtained. Never install or connect accessories if their quantity and composition are not clearly specified, or if they have not been approved by SICK AG. Requirements for skilled persons and operating personnel WARNING Risk of injury...

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SAFETY INFORMATION Operational safety and specific hazards bb Observe the safety notes and the warnings listed here and in other chapters of these operating instructions to reduce the possibility of risks to health and avoid dangerous situations. Use at high operating temperatures When the process temperature is above 50 °C, the sensor housing may get hot. CAUTION Risk of burning on sensor housing •• Only touch the hot housing if you are wearing safety gloves. •• Avoid contact of the sensor with flammable substances. General safety notes •• •• These operating instructions are valid for...

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Product description Product identification Information on the housing Information for identification of the sensor (serial number, part number and type code) and its electrical connection are printed on the label attached on the housing of the sensor. Type code T-Easic® FTS 1 Position 1 2 Description Product group T-Easic® FTS (flow sensors) Version I: Industrial H: Hygienic Probe length 060: 60 mm 100: 100 mm 200: 200 mm Media F: Liquids Display 0: No 1: Yes (OLED + 3 status LED) Electrical connection 4: M12, 4-pin Electrical output A: 1 digital output + 1 digital input...

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Product characteristics Device view The T-Easic® is available in two versions: - Industrial version with display operating buttons and VISTAL® housing Hygienic version in full stainless steel 1.4404 (316L) housing. Fig. 1: T-Easic® overview Industrial version Fig. 2: T-Easic® overview Hygienic version 1 M12 electrical connection 2 Display with operating buttons and LEDs 3 Housing 4 Measuring probe 3.2.2 Operating buttons (Industrial version only) The sensor is operated using the display and the operating buttons (Industrial version only). For a detailed description of...

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Product features and functions Principle of operation The T-Easic® FTS (Flow Thermal Switch) monitors the flow velocity of liquids (i.e. water, aqueous media, oil, etc.). The measurement method is based on the calorimetric principle. The sensor measures the cooling effect of the flowing liquid on the heated measuring probe. The higher the flow velocity of the liquid, the higher the cooling effect of the heated probe. The sensor has two configurable switching outputs (Q1 and Q2) for flow or temperature. Q2 can be selected as digital input. The switching output Q1 also...

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Transport For your own safety, read and observe the following notes: IMPORTANT Damage to the sensor due to improper transport. •• The device must be packaged for transport with protection against shock and damp. •• Recommendation: Use the original packaging as it provides the best protection. •• Transport should be performed by specialist staff only. •• The utmost care and attention is required at all times during unloading and transportation on company premises. •• Note the symbols on the packaging. •• Do not remove packaging until immediately before starting installation work. Transport...

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