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T-Easic® FTS FLOW SENSORS ONE FLOW SWITCH, TWO MEASUREMENTS – ANY AMOUNT OF LIQUID The T-Easic® FTS thermal flow switch offers flow monitoring and temperature measurement in one device. Based on the calorimetric principle of operation, it is the optimal solution for protecting pumps from dry running. It doesn’t matter which fluids flow through the monitored system. So although the T-Easic® FTS is optimized for measurement in oil and water, many other liquids can also be calibrated quickly and easily via teach-in. The T-Easic® FTS solves a whole range of tasks in many different areas in a...

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FLOW SENSORS T-Easic® FTS Saves time with IO-Link interface Thanks to its IO-Link 1.1 interface, the T-Easic® FTS allows for quick and user-friendly adjustment of the configuration setting and process monitoring at any time. Elaborate wiring is not necessary, which saves lot of time and money. Practical – the all-in-one solution One sensor, two measurements: The T-Easic® FTS reliably detects the flow of a wide range of liquids as well as their temperature. This not only reduces device costs, but also lowers any existing hygiene risks. Only one point is needed for both measurements, which...

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T-Easic® FTS Flow sensors CLEVER DRY-RUN PROTECTION IN PUMPS Product description The T-Easic® FTS thermal flow switch measures flow and temperature in accordance with the calorimetric principle. With two digital outputs, it monitors the measured values and sends these to a superior control as soon as a set limit value is exceeded or undercut. The parameter settings can be done via IO-Link. As an industrial design, it also offers an OLED display and operating buttons. Values preset at the factory for media such as oil and water simplify and accelerate commissioning; nearly all liquids can be...

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Detailed technical data Features Measurement principle Calorimetric measurement process Water and oil-based liquids Pipe diameters Operating range Process temperature Process pressure ≤ 100 bar ≤ 16 bar, with clamp adapter P/N 2093548 Communication interface Temperature measurement l / –, OLED + 3 status LEDs Place probe tip in the center of the pipe to ensure the highest measurement accuracy. For medium temperatures above 100 °C, the distance between the lower side of the housing and the upper side of the mounting adapter must be at least 25 mm. The version with the special length of 60 mm...

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T-Easic® FTS Flow sensors Minimum immersion length Distance to pipe wall Power consumption < 2 W at 24 V DC (without load on the outputs) Initialization time Protection class Connection type Output signal 2 x push-pull digital outputs for flow and temperature (Q2 can be selected as digital input) Output current Signal voltage HIGH Inductive load Capacitive load Supply voltage Digital input limit HIGH voltage dependent on Uv LOW voltage < 4.0 V All connections are reverse polarity and overload protected. Q1 and Q2 are short-circuit protected. 2) Per output. 1) Ambient data Ambient operating...

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Flow sensors T-Easic® FTS Probe length Housing material VISTAL / polyester VISTAL® / polyester Dimensional drawing (Dimensions in mm (inch)) FTS Industrial 8023179/2018-12-07 Subject to change without notice

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T-Easic® FTS Flow sensors Accessories Mounting systems Flanges Flange plates Brief description Compression fitting for T-Easic FTS, G ½ Compression fitting for T-Easic FTS, M18 x 1.5 Compression fitting for T-Easic FTS, ½’’ NPT Compression fitting for T-Easic FTS, clamp (DIN 32676) DN 25-40 (50.5 mm) Connection systems Modules and gateways Connection modules Brief description IO-Link V1.1 Class A port, USB2.0 port, optional external power supply 24V / 1A Fieldbus modules Brief description EtherCAT IO-Link Master, IO-Link V1.1, Port Class A, power supply via 7/8’’ cable 24 V /...

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8023179/2018-12-07 Subject to change without notice

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T-Easic® FTS Flow sensors Plug connectors and cables Connecting cables Brief description Head A: female connector, M12, 4-pin, straight Head B: Flying leads Cable: PVC, unshielded, 5 mm 1) 2) Tested detergent: P3-topactive DES, P3-topax 19, P3-topax 56, P3-topax 66 and P3-topax 99; Insulating material group: Cat I. 2) Insulating material group: Cat I. 1)

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SICK AT A GLANCE SICK is a leading manufacturer of intelligent sensors and sensor solutions for industrial applications. With more than 8,800 employees and over 50 subsidiaries and equity investments as well as numerous agencies worldwide, SICK is always close to its customers. A unique range of products and services creates the perfect basis for controlling processes securely and efficiently, protecting individuals from accidents, and preventing damage to the environment. SICK has extensive experience in various industries and understands their processes and requirements. With intelligent...

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