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STEEL INDUSTRY METAL FORMING AND FINISHING PROCESS SICK Giving the final shape and touch - precision holds all the aces Sensor Intelligence.

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STEEL INDUSTRY TASKS IN THE STEEL INDUSTRY At the end, the quality has to be right. To achieve this, some things need to be observed, including the correct position and alignment of semifinished and finished products on roller tables and the optimal distance between finished products in order to avoid damage. Flexible processes and interactions between humans and machines require safety technology. Protective facilities are necessary to not only secure danger zones but also to optimize production. Time is money – this also applies here. Monitoring the flow and dosage of bulk materials...

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STEEL INDUSTRY FROM A SINGLE DEVICE TO A COMPLETE ANALYSIS SYSTEM SICK’s capabilities do not end with the sale of a single product. We employ an extensive team of custom system planning and project engineers as well as detail engineers with expertise in electrical and mechanical engineering. SICK’s system engineers plan and design tailormade solutions including the complete range of peripheral equipment such as walk-in shelters, PLC connections, calibration gas distribution and data handling and evaluation. All solutions are designed and built in accordance with recognized international...

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STEEL INDUSTRY MATERIAL HANDLING Vertical positioning of cranes in stock yards Vertical cranes are used in post-production warehouse for small items. These cranes retrieve parts by traveling vertically along shelving. To ensure proper retrieval, a mid range distance sensor, such as the compact DL50 Hi, helps properly position the crane. The sensor delivers exceptional performance up to 50 m and its high-definition distance measurement technology provides excellent repeatability. A red laser light ensures precise alignment and its tough metal housing is ideal for the environment. •• Dx50 mid...

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CONTINUOUS CASTING Measuring the slab length Hot steel slabs are singulated by means of an oxygen cutting torch. In order to cut the slabs to the desired length and control the oxygen cutting torch, the DT1000 records the position of the fronts of the hot slabs on the roller without any contact. By determining the dimensions, the end products can be classified and managed. In post production logistics, the DT1000 long range distance sensor determines the length and width of steel slabs, for example. •• Dx1000 long range distance sensor g Positioning and measurement of...

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Determining the position of actuator on shear In the rolling process, a shear cuts the steel sheeting or wire which passes through the machine while the actuator indicates the position of the shear. An inductive sensor easily determines the position of an actuator on a shear by detecting the indicating lever’s position. The success factors for this task include the proximity sensor’s immunity to dust, vibration and dirt and its robustness in very harsh environments. •• IMB inductive proximity sensor Checking the speed of an object Incremental encoders can control the motor of the hot roller...

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STEEL INDUSTRY STRIP PROCESSING Protecting personnel in close proximity to dangerous movements The protection of personnel in the direct vicinity of dangerous movements of winders and let-off machines is an important aspect in rolling mills. microScan3 safety laser scanners attached to wrapping machines protect the hazardous points in accordance with type 3 of IEC/EN 61496-3. The rugged, modular design of microScan3 is ideally suited for the rough environments of steel mills. The fields to be monitored can be configured easily and flexibly using the Safety Designer PC software. ••...

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SICK AT A GLANCE SICK is a leading manufacturer of intelligent sensors and sensor solutions for industrial applications. With more than 9,700 employees and over 50 subsidiaries and equity investments as well as numerous agencies worldwide, SICK is always close to its customers. A unique range of products and services creates the perfect basis for controlling processes securely and efficiently, protecting individuals from accidents, and preventing damage to the environment. SICK has extensive experience in various industries and understands their processes and requirements. With intelligent...

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