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SPEETEC 1D Captures motion. Without contact. LASER SURFACE MOTION SENSORS Sensor Intelligence.

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LASER SURFACE MOTION SENSORS A Advantages CONTACT. MOTION. WITHOUT B C D E Opening up new fields of application in motion monitoring F SPEETEC 1D shows what’s possible. Using the laser Doppler process, the sensor measures the length, speed and position of piece goods as well as endless materials quickly and precisely. Since it measures without making contact, it enables new applications in automation: Where direct measurements on sensitive or soft surfaces used to be avoided because tactile sensors damage them, it can now perform non-contact motion data recording with the SPEETEC. Thanks to...

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LASER SURFACE MOTION SENSORS More convenient handling – safety with laser class 1 from the factory The SPEETEC is much more economic than other laser speed sensors: Thanks to laser class 1, no protective measures such as housing, eye protection and safety areas are required for integration of the device, and no specially trained staff is needed. Installation work is minimal: Simply mount and go. The laser Doppler process of the infrared laser delivers exact speed values of up to 10 m/s with very high repeatability. Whether endless materials or piece goods – the high resolution of the laser...

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LASER SURFACE MOTION SENSORS Gentle and economic measurement of sensitive surfaces The measurement system is specially suited for the measurement of particularly sensitive materials. Surfaces which get dented or damaged or undergo material changes due to the contact pressure of conventional measuring wheel systems can now be measured simply and reliably. The laser-based technology also prevents contamination on the material surface to be measured. In addition to movements of endless materials, the SPEETEC also precisely detects movements of piece goods without a problem. In addition, the...

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C€ A* ER[ Product description The rugged and maintenance-free SPEETEC laser surface motion sensor detects the movements of object surfaces without contact. This detection requires no scale or measuring elements. The laser Doppler effect based technology enables the SPEETEC to measure the speed, length, movement direction and position of objects on almost any surface. The non-contact measurement method used by the sensor makes it particularly suitable for applications with soft or sensitive surfaces that would be damaged by tactile measurement. The SPEETEC is also ideal for encoder...

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Online data sheet SICK at a glance SICK is one of the leading manufacturers of intelligent sensors and sensor solutions for industrial applications. A unique range of products and services creates the perfect basis for controlling processes securely and efficiently, protecting individuals from accidents and preventing damage to the environment. We have extensive experience in a wide range of industries and understand their processes and requirements. With intelligent sensors, we can deliver exactly what our customers need. In application centers in Europe, Asia and North America, system...

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