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Comprehensive services With a staff of more than 5,000 and over 50 subsidiaries and representations worldwide, SICK is one of the leading and most successful manufacturers of sensor technology. The power of innovation and solution competency have made SICK the global market leader. No matter what the project and industry may be, talking with an expert from SICK will provide you with an ideal basis for your plans – there is no need to settle for anything less than the best. •• Non-contact detecting, counting, classifying, positioning and measuring of any type of object or media •• Accident and operator protection with sensors, safety software and services •• Automatic identification with bar code and RFID readers •• Laser measurement technology for detecting the volume, position and contour of people and objects •• Complete system solutions for analysis and flow measurement of gases and liquids •• SICK LifeTime Services – for safety and productivity •• Application centers in Europe, Asia and North America for the development of system solutions under realworld conditions •• E-Business Partner Portal – price and availability of products, requests for quotation and online orders Unique product range SICK Essentials | Product Catalog Leading technologies SICK Essentials Core Product Selection SICK AG | Waldkirch | Germany |

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SICK Essentials - 2 Fluidsensorik With this catalog we present you an extract of our product portfolio. List of product families UP56-2 V300 Work Station Extended Registration sensors Photoelectric sensors Safety switches Distance sensors sens:Control – safe control solutions Flexi Soft Proximity sensors Magnetic cylinder sensors MZT8 Motion Control Automation light grids Opto-electronic protective devices Fluid sensors – Your quick access to maximum efficiency Search online quickly and safely with the SICK „Finders“ We can help you to quickly target the Select the application...

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SICK Essentials Table of Contents Fluidsensorik Proximity sensors Magnetic cylinder sensors Indentification solutions Fluid sensors Registration sensors About SICK Photoelectric sensors General Information Distance sensors Automation light grids Opto-electronic protective devices Safety switches sens:Control – safe control solutions 8014219/2012-06-29 Subject to change without notice

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SICK Essentials - 4

We deliver Sensor Intelligence. SICK sensor solutions for industrial automation are the result of exceptional ­ edication d and experience. From development all the way to service: The people at SICK are c ­ ommitted to investing all their expertise in providing with the very best sensors and system solutions possible. A company with a culture of success Approximately 5,000 people are on staff, with products and s ­ ervices available to help SICK sensor technology users increase their productivity and reduce their costs. Founded in 1946 and headquartered in Waldkirch, Germany, SICK is a...

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Innovation for the leading edge A corporate culture for sustainable excellence SICK sensor systems simplify and optimize processes and allow for sustainable production. SICK operates thirteen research and development centers all over the world. Co-designed with customers and universities, our innovative sensor products and solutions are made to give a decisive edge. With an impressive track record of innovation, we take the key parameters of modern production to new levels: reliable process control, safety of people and environmental protection. SICK is backed by a holistic, homogeneous...

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SICK Essentials - 6

Sensor Intelligence for all requirements SICK is a renowned expert in many industries, and is entirely familiar with the critical challenges they face. While speed, accuracy and availability take center stage in all industries, technical implementations vary greatly. SICK puts its vast experience to use to provide with precisely the solution you need. For applications worldwide Hundreds of thousands of installations and applications go to prove that SICK knows the different industries and their processes inside out. This tradition of uncompromising expertise is ongoing: As we move into the...

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A B For your specific industry For performance across the board With a track record of proven expertise in a great variety of industries, SICK has taken quality and productivity to new heights. The automotive, pharmaceutical, electronics and solar industries are just a few examples of sectors that benefit from our know-how. In addition to increasing speed and improving ­ traceability in warehouses and distribution centers, SICK solutions provide accident protection for automated guided vehicles. SICK system solutions for analysis and flow measurement of gases and liquids enable...

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SICK LifeTime Services For safety and productivity: SICK LifeTime Services SICK LifeTime Services is a comprehensive set of high-quality services provided to support the entire life cycle of products and applications from system design all the way to upgrades. These services increase the safety of people, boost the productivity of machines and serve as the basis for our customers’ sustainable business success. Benefit from an array of services Each of our products and solutions is accompanied by a comprehensive range of services tuned precisely to the requirements of the product or solution...

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SICK Essentials - 9

SICK LifeTime Services Training & Education Product & System Support •• User training •• Seminars •• WebTraining Verification & Optimization •• Barcode checks •• Consulting/Engineering service •• Inspection •• Maintenance •• Accident analysis •• Stop time measurement •• Noise measurement Consulting & Design •• •• •• •• •• System inspection Risk assessment Safety concepts Feasibility studies Software and hardware design Commissioning Spare parts and repairs Remote support Hotline Upgrade & Retrofits •• •• •• •• Machine conversion Sensor upgrades Sensor replacements Retrofitting of technology...

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