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It‘s worth taking a closer look raw gas measurement SICK gives certainty with fast and robust measuring technique Incineration plant operators must be infomed about treatment processes in flue gas as quickly as possible Raw gas measurement and SICK are a perfect match The flue gas purification systems must ensure that the specified pollutant components in exhaust gases never exceed limit values as defined by WID 2000/76/EU. For this reason the selection of the correct gas cleaning method arises during the planning stage for state of the art “Waste-to-Energy” plants. Of similar importance is the selection of the right measuring system, that fast and reliably gives precise prediction of the pollutant load in the raw gas. Certainty with fast and robust measuring technique •• •• •• •• Optimal dosing of lime milk to comply with limited values Prompt reaction on exhaust gas peaks Best knowledge for loading waste Savings of periodic plant revisions

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Raw Gas Measurement - 2

Raw gas measurement effects a great deal The injection of lime and/or carbonates into the scrubber can be quickly and reliably regulated. Waste, delivered to the grate furnace, can be efficiently mixed. The emission of combustion gases is continuously recorded and provide the guideline for effective injection of adsorbent materials into the stack gas cleaning process. Measuring principles for a wide range of components The actual measuring task and the local conditions determine which measuring principle should be implemented at the site: in-situ or extractive. SICK provides both solutions...

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