QAL3 Master


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QAL3 Master - 1

Automates the QAL3 procedure according to EN14181 for monitoring the connected measuring systems

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QAL3 Master - 2

Software for automatic monitoring of emission measurement systems according to EU standard EN 14181 A r eas o f appl i cat i o n • Quality assurance of Automatic Measuring Systems (AMS) during operation • Connection with dust monitors and gas measuring devices from SICK QAL3 monitoring • Regular readout of QAL3 data from AMS and CUSUM computations • Reliable saving and archiving of measured data in a database • Alarms when drift and/or precision exceeded • Comprehensive documentation with respect to the quality assurance of the AMS • QAL3 readings given for each component of an analyzer •...

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QAL3 Master - 3

SYStEM CoMPonEntS QAL3 Master software Driver Database Server Client Hardware: Several or one PC (Windows XP/2000/7) 1 ... M QAL3 Client QAL3 1..1.. M QAL3 M Client Client QAL3 Driver QAL3 1.. N QAL3 Driver Driver QAL3 Data base A maintenance log is kept over the life cycle of the maintenance system. All entries in connection with the quality of the measuring devices are saved, the entries are provided with a comment. Automatic detection of events upon: • Start of a new CUSUM computation procedure • End of a CUSUM computation procedure • Automatic/manual reading • Discarding of a reading •...

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QAL3 Master - 4

8013618/2010-05 ∙ Printed in Germany ∙ Subject to change without notice. functions During operation, the QAL3 Master processes all control measurements initiated manually or automatically by the measuring device. Optionally, the sending of an e-mail can be precon gured as automatic alerting when drift and precision tolerances are exceeded. The QAL3 Client provides the following functions: • Display of all QAL3 data and evaluations • Configuration of the QAL3 Master • Input of new QAL3 values • Maintenance of the warning log • Semiautomatic evaluations of devices connected analog via the...

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