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Top Products Industrial Sensors Inductive proximity sensors, capacitive proximity sensors, magnetic proximity sensors, magnetic cylinder sensors, photoelectric sensors

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SICK Online Smart-PDF NEW: The Smart-PDF catalog Detailed information just 1 click away With our “Top products” publication, we present a compact selection of our products for you to choose from. Compare products and choose the right ones for your application. For much more sensors including dimensional and Photoelectric information, CAD drawings, charts, applications and a complete online data Miniature photoelectric sensors sheet to download, go to the Product Finder at www.mysick. Technical details and ordering information Sensing technology Output type Sensing range • Enclosure rating:...

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Industrial sensors Inductive proximity sensors Capacitive proximity sensors Magnetic proximity sensors Magnetic cylinder sensors Information and selection guides for optical sensors Miniature photoelectric sensors Small photoelectric sensors Compact photoelectric sensors Fiber-optic photoelectric sensors Cylindrical photoelectric sensors Sensors for roller conveyors and zone control Cables and connectors, mounting brackets, and reflectors Index, business fields General information Photoelectric sensors 8013958/2011-08-29 Subject to change without notice Company,, customization...

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Sensor Intelligence is our promise SICK sensor solutions for industrial automation are the result of exceptional dedication and experience. From development all the way to service: The people at SICK are committed to investing all their expertise in providing with the very best sensors and system solutions possible. A company with a culture of success Approximately 5,000 people are on staff, with products and services available to help SICK sensor technology users increase their productivity and reduce their costs. Founded in 1946 and headquartered in Waldkirch, Germany, SICK is a global...

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A B Innovation for the leading edge A corporate culture for sustainable excellence SICK sensor systems simplify and optimize processes and allow for sustainable production. SICK operates thirteen research and development centers all over the world. Co-designed with customers and universities, our innovative sensor products and solutions are made to give a decisive edge. With an impressive track record of innovation, we take the key parameters of modern production to new levels: reliable process control, safety of people and environmental protection. SICK is backed by a holistic, homogeneous...

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Presence Detection - 6 – Your sensor e-business Partner Portal. An online portal is essential when efficient and fast processing of every detail is required! You will find comprehensive e-commerce tools and information for your sensor planning at complete order admin­ istration – from a product availability check, through offers and order conditions, to order placement and status. The SICK Partner Portal supports your workflow with the individual provision of user rights. Moreover, simple online access to application examples and technical data, drawings and graphics will...

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Work more efficiently online The advantages of using SICK’s Partner Portal •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• Work more efficiently online User administration supports your workflow Product availability is immediately displayed All processes are sped up, saving you time. For example, price inquiries, quotes, orders Find products, applications, circuits and accessories even quicker Products and additional information are linked, e ­ nsuring comprehensive search results All processes available at a glance: product searches, quotes, order status, etc. Exclusive downloadable content: technical data, d ­...

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Despite the extensive range of sensor products that tions of the automation industry are so varied that products specially tailored to your needs and wishes – SICK offers, the requirements and application condi- adapted, customer-specific solutions are required; customized products. The industrial sensors approach for realizing customized so- lutions is divided into six phases. During each phase of the project, you can rely on our support – anywhere in the world: APPLICATION EXPERTISE ENGINEERING EXPERTISE PRODUCTION EXPERTISE SICK provides you with onsite assistance in the analysis of your...

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Industrial sensors Customization A B C D E F G H Consulting & Design For the fusion of product, application and industry expertise to create the perfect solution. Product & System Support For a rapid response and reliable assistance on any questions relating to the integration and functioning of SICK systems and sensors. Experienced specialists take professional action to supply practical solutions. Upgrade & Retrofits For the subsequent integration of more powerful and innovative SICK systems and sensors to maintain or enhance economic efficiency. Training & Education For trained personnel...

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The demands placed on systems and their components by the food and beverage industry are especially extreme, especially in terms of wash down conditions and harsh chemicals. With IP 69K, Johnson Diversey and ECOLAB certifications, SICK sensors are ideal for precisely this area. RELIABLE FUNCTIONING – UNAFFECTED BY STEAM CLEANERS High pressure cleaners – with hot steam or cold water jets – are standard in industries where clean surfaces are crucial. SICK sensors remain functionally reliable, even in exposed areas. They stay sealed – temperature fluctuations and high steam temperatures have...

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Food & beverage Enclosure ratings and certifications HACCP “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points” HACCP is a preventive approach to identifying hazards in the manufacturing, processing, and sale of food and beverages. With the HACCP approach, procedures are to be established for detecting, documenting, eliminating, and following up health hazards. Every machine builder or manufacturer must create their own HACCP system. Many industry-specific recommendations and proven procedures have been emerging over the past few years. T H E S E V E N S T E P S O F H ACC P The authorities or...

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