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Photoelectric laser sensors OVERVIEW OF THE PRODUCTS SICK Sensor Intelligence.

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LASER EXPERTISE FROM SICK Laser technology based sensors are the number one choice when it comes to detecting tiny objects, especially under challenging environmental condi tions. The laser sensors from SICK provide the optimal solution even with metallic reflections, in tight spaces, under the influence of ambient light from modern energy-saving lamps, or when detect ing through small drilled holes. PHOTOELECTRIC LASER SENSORS | SICK The extremely small light spots provide the ideal starting point for precise object and feature detec tion in automation. They make the sensors ideal for...

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The laser technology based product families from SICK are perfect for the packaging industry, the automotive and parts supply industry, the electronics industry, and the solar industry. But that’s not all: laser sensors also deliver optimum results in machine tool building, in the food and beverage industry, and the pharmaceutical industry. Their applications include, for example, examining grippers in the automo tive industry, inspecting dies in machine tool construction, or detect ing wafer edges. YOUR ADVANTAGES AT A GLANCE •• Maximum precision thanks to concentrated light spot ••...

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Photoelectric laser sensors - 4

PHOTOELECTRIC LASER SENSORS DIVERSE LASER EXPERTISE FROM A SINGLE SOURCE Maximum precision Very long sensing ranges Our laser sensors perform their detection task with maximum precision – even with ultrasmall objects and object character istics. The secret of this performance is the optimum adjust ment: Every sensor is precisely pre-adjusted in production. We automatically focus and align the light beam to keep the variations between the individual sensors as small as possible. The advantage: Replacing a sensor in your system is simple and requires minimal installation effort. This makes it...

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Photoelectric laser sensors - 5

PHOTOELECTRIC LASER SENSORS Detection through extremely small openings Detection of extremely small objects The beam characteristics of the laser diode, and the special lenses that further concentrate the emitted light ensure sharply delimited laser spots. The laser sensors can therefore also safely and reliably detect objects through extremely small open ings, and deliver stable switching signals even under adverse application and installation conditions. The consistent focusing of the laser spots enables extremely small objects or position differences to be reliably detected – even at...

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Photoelectric laser sensors - 6

PHOTOELECTRIC LASER SENSORS LASER CLASSES Industrial laser equipment are classified into laser classes to make it immediately clear whether they pose a potential hazard, and any necessary protec tive measures the user must take. They are classi fied according to the risk of injury to the skin and eyes. To make it as easy as possible for our cus tomers to use our laser sensors and to avoid the need for protective measures, all of our photoelec tric laser sensors are rated as class 1 or 2 lasers. Laser class Hazard potential The accessible laser radiation is harmless under reasonably...

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Photoelectric laser sensors - 7

PHOTOELECTRIC LASER SENSORS A SUITABLE SPECIALIST FOR EVERY APPLICATION Depending on the actual conditions of the application, there can be very specific re quirements on the sensor technology. The selection of a suitable detection principle and sensor type is therefore always linked to the particular application. The following applies when doing so: the more precise the requirements, the more cost effective the corre sponding solution in operation. Laser photoelectric retro-reflective sensors Laser through-beam photoelectric sensors Laser photoelectric retro-reflective sensors require a...

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Photoelectric laser sensors - 8

PHOTOELECTRIC LASER SENSORS LASER PHOTOELECTRIC PROXIMITY SENSORS – BACKGROUND SUPPRESSION VERSUS TIME-OF-FLIGHT The background suppression feature is based on a distance measurement that involves the calculation of an angle, which is referred to technically as triangulation. The sensor projects a light spot onto the object to be detected. The light reflected from the object hits the receiver array at an angle that depends on the distance. The distance of the object is determined based on the position of the light spot on the receiver element. Maximum precision when detecting objects...

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Photoelectric laser sensors - 9

PHOTOELECTRIC LASER SENSORS THE RIGHT SELECTION FOR THE BEST RESULTS The standard variants of our time-of-flight sensors are suitable for a wide variety of applications and are ideal for detecting objects at a large distance. The color and material of the objects to be detected is almost irrelevant. The standard variants deliver outstanding results for light, dark or matt surfaces and, which is their particu lar feature, even at extreme angles and for shiny or jet-black objects. The high measurement accuracy even for very shiny objects guarantees precise process control Reliable switching –...

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Photoelectric laser sensors - 10

PHOTOELECTRIC PROXIMITY SENSOR Laser class Photoelectric proximity sensor Max. sensing range 1) 2) 2 Stainless steel Housing material Detection principle Energetic Background suppression Product family Cuboid proximity sensors white Cylindrical proximity sensors V18L Axial Hybrid proximity sensors H18L Object with 90% remission (based on standard white, DIN 5033). Object with 6% remission (based

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Light spot size and shape 3> Minimum distance between object and background 4) 5) Smallest object to be detected 6) Response time/ switching frequency Smart Sensor 31 Value at the focus position of the light spot. 41 See page 16 for more detailed values. 51 Black object (6%) in front of white background (90%). 61 Value at the focus position of the light spot, white object (90%), no background. 8024878/2019-09-04 Subject to change without notice PHOTOELECTRIC LASER SENSORS | SICK

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RETRO-REFLECTIVE/THROUGH-BEAM PHOTOELECTRIC SENSORS Laser class Photoelectric retro-reflective sensors Light spot size and shape 2) Housing material Stainless steel Product family Cuboid photoelectric sensors W100L Cylindrical photoelectric sensors V18L Axial Hybrid photoelectric sensors H18L

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