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PACKAGING2009/10 - 1 S I C K ’ S C U S T O M E R M A G A Z I N E PACKAGING2009/10 > etting sights S on bottling Robust, water tight, and hygienic designed – the new stainless steel sensor W4S-3 Inox Page 14 Carlsberg drinks to Inspector A cooperation driven by innovation Straight to the point with SICK An economic solution for label identification SICK encoders improve Sidel’s labeling machines New technology meets Krones’ requirements Page 08 Page 10 Page 12

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PACKAGING2009/10 - 3

: SICK Tour Worldwide network for packaging solutions Implementing customers’ wishes, shaping industry trends Anyone engaging in exchange of experience is better able to meet customers’ wishes and accompany new trends technologically. For these reasons, the international packaging experts from SICK meet once a year. >> SICK’s worldwide packaging network is comprised of experienced industry, project, and customer managers. This interlocking as well as the internationality of the team ensures that SICK is able to offer individual solutions for both small filling plants and large beverage...

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PACKAGING2009/10 - 4

: SICK Solutions End-of-line packaging From a single source Sensor technology and control solutions for end-of-line packaging 6 5 4 3 1 2 1 >> Accumulating roller conveyor 0 2 >> rotection of the access area P 3 >> Identification by barcode

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PACKAGING2009/10 - 5

: SICK Solutions Automated transports, safe handling, as well as information and data recording during ongoing processes – all of this characterizes the course of operations during end-of-line packaging and labeling of goods. The broad portfolio of automation, safety, and identification technology allows SICK to implement solutions for final packaging processes from a single source. >> When it comes to object identification on stationary conveyor systems, the devices delivering excellent performance are above all photoelectric sensors and photoelectric proximity­ sensors­ in various designs...

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PACKAGING2009/10 - 6

: SICK Solutions Position polling Referencing and position polling in Oystar Hassia packaging machines Innovation NO 08 Inductive sensors with the extra helping of precision cesses are the tasks that the IME12s carry out on the molding, filling, and closing machines for containers. For instance, filling of the cups can start only when the IME12s report the correct position of the catch basin below the portioning unit. If the set of machines undergo cleaning, the basin has to traverse into different positions according to the cleaning sequence – which is indicated to the controller by...

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PACKAGING2009/10 - 7

End-of-line packaging Orion’s end-of-line packaging system Muting solution ensures safe and efficient production Orion Packaging offers the most comprehensive line of end-ofline stretch wrapping pallet packaging products available and continually sets the standard for durability, efficiency, flexibility, reliability and performance. >> Orion required a safety solution for a stretch wrap machine with one entry and one exit point. Pallets were con- veyed into the cell via a pallet conveyor at 30 feet-per-minute (9 m/min.). When the pallet reached the turntable, the SICK provided a safety...

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PACKAGING2009/10 - 8

: Applications Label identification Detection of labels on kegs Carlsberg drinks to Inspector Innovation NO 11 of the keg in the measuring field, image recording and image evaluation ensue. In this process, Inspector compares the patterns that can be distinguished unambiguously via the pixel sum with the taught-in templates, thus carrying out the inspection for presence of the label. In case of a ‘not o.k.’ signal by Inspector, e.g. when the label is missing entirely or partially, an ejection process for the keg in question is activated via the facility’s automation system. As efficient as...

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PACKAGING2009/10 - 9

Detection and measurement in shrink wrapping : Applications SICK W18 sensor Reducing packaging production line down-time due to false trips Many of the items that we purchase on a regular basis, such as 12-packs of bottled water, are sold in bulk. To ensure these items are securely packaged, Hartness International, a premier manufacturer of top-load case packers, provides high-speed shrink film technology as well as other packaging solutions. Hartness‘ GlobalShrink TFS is a highly precise, yet simple shrink-wrapping machine that collates containers into specific pack patterns, feeds any...

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PACKAGING2009/10 - 10

: Applications Labeling machine manufacturing A highly successful cooperation: The Labeling Division, based in Mantova (Italy), is the Sidel center­ of excellence for labeling machines. Pushing the frontiers of labeling­ technology, this Division born over 30 years ago, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automatic labeling machines for the application of pre-cut and roll-fed labels­, made of paper and plastic, using hot-melt glue, cold glue or self-adhesive. The integration process inside Sidel Strategies – to which this Division­ belongs since 2005 – has been completed. >> Even...

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PACKAGING2009/10 - 11

: Applications : Sidel and SICK >> Info Turnkey lines The Sidel Group designs, manufactures, assembles, supplies and sells complete packaging lines for liquid foods packaged in three main package categories: glass bottles (disposable and returnable), plastic (PET, HDPE and PP) and drink cans. At Sidel, 5,300 employees supply customers with complete bottling solutions consisting of package design, line engineering, packaging machines and related services. And throughout the life cycle of that line or equipment, Sidel always bears overall investment and operating costs in mind. Sidel’s...

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PACKAGING2009/10 - 12

: Applications Machine construction Capacity for alignment of a photoelectric sensor was enhanced by integrating PinPoint technology triebs-GmbH in Düsseldorf, looks back. “By integrating the PinPoint technology we managed, on the one hand, to meet Krones’ technical requirements concerning range, functional reserves, and visibility of the light spot. Since the series concentrates at the same time on essential automation features, we were able to achieve a pricing situation tenable for both parties.” New photoelectric sensor solution for Krones Cost optimization through technology...

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