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Safety laser scanner outdoorScan3 THE SAFETY LASER SCANNER FOR OUTDOOR AUTOMATION SICK Sensor Intelligence.

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FOUR FACETS OF IMPRESSIVE OUTDOOR SENSORS Outdoor certified outdoor safeHDDM® scanning technology The outdoorScan3 safety laser scanner is designed to allow man and machine to work safely side by side and is certified for use in industrial production and logistics areas both inside and outside of buildings. This certification is based on the ISO 13849-1 and IEC 62998 standards, among others. The outdoorScan3 accelerates intralogistical processes and boosts productivity – even beyond the confines of production buildings. The patented safeHDDM® technology from SICK has undergone crucial...

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MOVING BEYOND LIMITS With the outdoorScan3, SICK is once again underscoring its sustainable innovation and technology leadership. The world’s first safety laser scanner for outdoor use that is certified according to IEC 62998 facilitates simple and safe outdoor automation in entirely new dimensions. Whether in production and logistics processes, for monitoring hazardous areas, in mechanical engineering, or docking passenger boarding bridges, outdoorScan3 ensures people are always kept safe. It works with the same level of reliability and efficiency as our customers have come to expect from...

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OUTDOOR AUTOMATION IN A NEW DIMENSION Many logistics specialists, engineers, and safety officers have been eagerly awaiting the safe automation of industrial processes in the outdoor area. Human-machine-cooperation outside of buildings opens up virtually limitless opportunities for present and future fields of application. The outdoorScan3 enables much more efficient and productive implementation of applications and also ensures maximum personal safety. It even features tried-and-tested technology that has been certified and optimized for outdoor use. Safe human-machine cooperation With the...

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Facing challenging weather conditions The outdoorScan3 functions reliably and safely even in the most challenging weather conditions. No matter if there’s sun, rain, fog, or snow, outdoorScan3 takes personal safety and productivity to a new level – regardless of potentially disruptive factors. Thanks to the reliable safety technology from SICK, you are always ideally prepared for any weather with the outdoorScan3. Intuitive operation With the outdoorScan3, commissioning and handling during operation are just as easy, intuitive, and convenient as with our safety laser scanners for indoor...

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outdoorScan3 FOR DIVERSE FIELDS OF APPLICATION Automated guided vehicles The safety requirements on automated guided vehicles outdoors are high: The safety of people must be ensured at all times even under weather conditions like bright sunlight, rain, snow, wind, fog or contamination of the laser scanner, and unscheduled machine stops should be kept to a minimum. The outdoorScan3 enables the seamless connection of production and logistics processes in both indoor and outdoor environments. With the outdoorScan3, automated guided vehicles can travel safely beyond the confines of production...

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Hazardous area protection for stationary applications From basic safety mat replacement and presence detection through to protecting m lu tiple hazardous areas at the same time, the outdoorScan3 is always the ideal choice. Suitable horizontal protective fields can be set up and monitored to protect against the dangers posed by hazardous machines, plants or open spaces. As we move towards the Smart Factory, we find humans, machines and autonomous systems working ever closer together. Safety for humans is always a primary focus, without ever losing sight of productivity. GETTING PROJECTS OFF...

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OUtdoorScan3 SAFETY LASER SCANNERS Product description The outdoorScan3 safety laser scanner protects people in a wide range of mobile and stationary outdoor applications. Thanks to intelligent algorithms and the outdoor safeHDDM® scanning technology, operation is reliable even in harsh weather conditions, which At a glance • Certified in accordance with ISO 13849 and IEC 62998 for protecting people indoor and outdoor • outdoor safeHDDM® scanning technology • Individual field settings Your benefits • High productivity due to safe human-machine cooperation in outdoor areas • Outstanding...

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SAFETY LASER SCANNERS OUtdoorScan3 Detailed technical data More detailed data can be found in the operating instructions. Download g www.sick.com/outdoorScan3 Features 8024061/2019-04-02 Subject to change without notice opto-electronic protective devices I sick

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10 OPTO-ELECTRONIC protective devices I sick 8024061/2019-04-02 Subject to change without notice

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SAFETY LASER SCANNERS OUtdoorScan3 Enclosure rating Ambient light immunity Halogen light Sunlight Ambient operating temperature Storage temperature Ambient conditions Vibration resistance Shock resistance EMC < 12,000 lx (IEC 61496-3) < 40,000 lx (IEC 61496-3) -25 °C ... +50 °C -25 °C ... +70 °C 10 mm/h 1 < 3 mm/h (SWE, Snow Water Equivalent) 11 £ 50 m (MOR, Meteorological Optical Range) 11 0.35 mm, 10 Hz ... 60 Hz (IEC 60068-2-6, IEC 61496-1, CLC/TS 61496-3) 5 g, 60 Hz ... 150 Hz (IEC 60068-2-6, IEC 61496-1, CLC/TS 61496-3) 1 More detailed data can be found in the operating instructions,...

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outdoorScan3 Safety laser scanners Dimensional drawing outdoorScan3 Core I/O 112 OPTO-ELECTRONIC PROTECTIVE DEVICES | SICK

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Safety laser scanners outdoorScan3 outdoorScan3 Pro – EtherNet/IP™ 112 8024061/2019-04-02 Subject to change without notice O  PTO-ELECTRONIC PROTECTIVE DEVICES | SICK

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+24 V DC OSSD 1.A 0 V DC OSSD 1.B Uni-I/O 1 Uni-I/O 2 Uni-I/O 3 FE Supply voltage +24 V DC OSSD pair 1, OSSD A Supply voltage 0 V DC OSSD pair 1, OSSD B Universal I/O 1, configurable Universal I/O 2, configurable Universal I/O 3, configurable Functional earth/shielding opto-electronic protective devices i sick 8024061/2019-04-02 Subject to change without notice

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