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Inspector Җ the intelligent vision solution > [ Page 02 ] In practical use: IO Link powered by SICK > [ Page 03 ] Safe and simple: sens:Control safe control solutions > [ Page 04 ] OD Precision ֖ for those who want to know precisely > [ Page 05 ] Product: incremental encoder family Hygienic, tough, versatile Product segment: encoders, rotary position transducers > [ Page 06 ] Performance: excellent true running properties A world first: the OS2000 safety scanner system for outdoor applications Օ programmable line numbers of 1 to 65,536 per rotation extreme resistance to interference > [ Page 07 ] Օ temperature immunity up to +100 C Е design as hollow shaft, slip-on hollow shaft, clamp and servo-flange The best sensor package for storage and retrieval devices in high-bay warehouses Areas of use: machine and plant construction > [ Page 08 ] Information at: size="-1">

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Product: RE series magnetic safety switches Product: Inspector Product segment: Industrial Safety Systems Product segment: Machine Vision Performance: Performance: Օ non-contact monitoring of separating protective equipment direct connection to all suitable safety switching devices and safety controllersՕ sensor/actuator pair in metric or rectangular housings checking correct assembly and contour inspection checking labels Օ integrated illumination independent of orientation Areas of use: Areas of use: hoods, doors, flaps production machines, measurement field 20 x 20 mm...600 x 600 mm >...

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Open for progress: the MZ2Q C-Nut > Visible comfort: precise adjustment via touch-screen > Leaves no-one empty-handed: the vibrating-fork level sensor >

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Product: Flexi Soft Product segment: Industrial Safety Systems Performance: ֕ flexible because modular, the controller efficiently adapts to the application simple thanks to intuitive operation, function-block-based editor with comprehen- sive library of certified function blocks Օ rapid response times due to Fast-Shut-Off functionality Areas of use: Safety automation Logistics, packaging, and many others > Information at: Areas of use: Automated machines and plants, processing centres and conveyor systems Product segment: Product: ES21 series emergency stop...

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Product: OD Precision Product segment: distance measurement ֖ displacement sensors Performance: highly accurate distance measurement for quality inspections or precise positioning Areas of use: quality assurance systems, positioning systems (robots, handling systems) > Information at: W4S-3 Product segment: Industrial Sensors Performance: complete miniature series of photoelectric switches with side mounting for the detec- tion of objects under difficult and space-criti- cal installation conditions > Areas of use: food and beverages industry, packaging,...

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The outdoor professional for safety: the OS2000 Product: OS2000 Product segment: Industrial Safety Systems Performance: Areas of use: Е monitoring hazardous areas in outdoor application protecting doors and gates, cranes, manned and unmanned vehicles, port and shipping equipment, rail or conveyor systems system based on proven component Օ TV-certified system > Information at: Minimised sources of error, maximised availability: Product: C4000 Palletizer Product: > with the C4000 Palletizer muting columns of the PU3H series Product segment: > Industrial Safety Systems...

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Product: MZT8 Product segment: Industrial Sensors > Performance: detection of piston positions in pneumatic cylinders Areas of use: throughout machine construction and the pneumatic industry, also under extremely harsh environmental conditions. > Information at: handling and warehousing systems food and beverages industry > Product: CLV630/CLV640 Product segment: Auto Ident Performance: ҕ rapid cycle frequency optional plastic optical window Օ integration in PROFIBUS I/O networks with CDF600 connection box compatible with CLV42x-CLV45x product family > Information at:...

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