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P r o d u c t i n f o r m at i o n MKAS Compact Analysis System Proven technology in a compact design Small footprint and economical to operate Elegant solution for the analysis of NOx, CO, SO2 and O2 Performance features A complete analysis system in a small package The MKAS Compact from SICK MAIHAK provides a complete analysis system including all the necessary standard components. One of two proven analyzers can be selected: the SIDOR with long-term signal stability or the modular S710. Integrated in the system is one of the most advanced gas coolers on the market which is supplied with a particulate filter and flow meter in addition to the condensate drain pump. The MKAS Compact is a gem because it takes up very little wall mounting space and the maintenance requirements are very low. • Standardized system in a The MKAS Compact, pre-configured and complete is the logical solution for measuring components such as NOx, CO, SO2 and/or O2. low maintenance and low power consumption • Suitable for emission monitoring to meet the requirements of –– 13th BlmSchV (2001/80/EC) –– 27th BlmSchV (Crematories) compact design • Small footprint (wall mounting) • Light weight (80 kg/175 lb) • Efficient operating cost through Analyzer Sample gas probe R DO SI Sample gas line Gas cooler Analyzers and Process Instrumentation

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• Condensate sensor intelligent terminal • Automatic test gas deliv- inlet (optional) Functional principle MKAS Compact MKAS Compact Cabinet Testing equipment Condesate tank *) without direct exposure to sunlight SICK MAIHAK GmbH | Analyzers and Process Instrumentation | 79276 Reute | Germany | SICK MAIHAK Analyzers and Process Instrumentation

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