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P r o d u c t i n f o r mat i o n MCS300P Multicomponent Analysis System Process monitoring in gases or liquids as well as raw gas monitoring in combustion plants

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MCS300P Effective, photometric process monitoring Simultaneous measurement for up to 6 components A r eas o f app l i cat i o n • In production plants in the chemical industry e. g. –– Isocyanate, polycarbonate –– Vinyl chloride (PVC) –– Acrylic acid, adipic acid and hydrocyanic acid P r o cess m o n i t o r i n g • Raw gas measurement to control exhaust gas cleaning plants –– Waste incineration plants –– Multifuel furnace plants Ra w g as m o n i t o r i n g • Measurement in gaseous and liquid media • Typical measuring components: HCl, SO2, H2O as well as O2 • Detection of all IR and VIS...

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P r o cess a n a ly z e r l ay o u t w i t h g as c u v e t t e Electric cuvette heating Operating unit Remote diagnostics, remote maintenance via Ethernet data connection Purge medium Gas cuvette Purge medium Sample gas External PC with innovative SOPAS-ET software N o n - d i spe r s i v e p h o t o me t e r p r i n c i p l e The MCS300P is a non-dispersive process photo­ meter. The radiation source transmits light through the sample cuvette. Interference and gas filters swiveled into the beam path on filter wheels then screen the selected measuring wave lengths. The detector positioned...

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8013235/2009-04 · DIV03/KE ∙ Printed in Germany (2009-05) ∙ Subject to modifications ∙ Specified product characteristics and technical data do not serve as guarantee declarations. Technical Data MCS300P Measuring Parameters Measuring components All IR/NIR/VIS active gases and liquids, simultaneously up to 6 components, for example: CO, CO2, NO, NO2, N2O, HCl, NH3, H2O, hydrocarbons, Cl2; Reads in and processes up to 4 external sensors such as oxygen, pressure, temperature Measuring ranges Lowest ppm range up to high % by volume Reaction time (t90) Approx. 30 ... 120 s, specific to plant and...

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