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Identification Solutions Bar code scanners, image-based code readers, hand-held scanners, RFID, system solutions, Sensor Intelligence.

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Product family overview CDF (Connection Device Fieldbus) K-6 CDB (Connection Device Basic) K-10 CDM (Connection Device Modular) K-14 More information about our products is available online: Your sensor e-business Partner Portal. User-friendly: you will find everything you need for solution planning under the menu items Products, Information when you want to know something, everything is available within a click at Secure: your data is password- protected and only visible to you. With individual user administration you define who may access what data and carry out which...

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Identification Solutions - 3

Inhaltsverzeichnis Table of contents About SICK Identification technologies B IDpro C Typical applications D SICK as a system provider General information A E Bar code scanners F Image-based code readers G Hand-held scanners H RFID I System solutions J Connectivity Portfolio K Accessories Appendix Dimensional drawings L M

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Identification Solutions - 4

A B C D E F Experience Independence SICK is a technological and market leader in sensor technology. With headquarters in Waldkirch, Germany and more than 5,000 employees in almost 50 subsidiaries, numerous r ­ epresentatives and holdings, SICK has a solution for your application no matter where you are in the world. A-0 Innovation SICK achieves product innovation by means of consistent development. It has five development sites in Germany and a total of seven other sites all over the world. SICK turns customers’ needs into automation solutions that increase efficiency and reduce costs. SICK...

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Identification Solutions - 5

Company A B C What you get from working with SICK D We help to increase your efficiency E As a leading manufacturer of automation solutions for industrial applications, we are familiar with the processes in our customers’ organizations – and we are particularly familiar with their requirements for increased efficiency. F G H 8012017/2011-01-03 Subject to change without notice I D E N T I F I C AT I O N S OLUT I O N S | S I C K A-1

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Identification Solutions - 6

A B Automation knows no borders. A global perspective is what counts in factory and logistics ­ utomation. a That‘s why SICK is also present worldwide. As an ­ndependent partner, i we are always at your side and readily available. Regardless of where you are in the world. SICK is close by – with nearly 50 national and international subsidiaries, as well as numerous sales offices and associated companies. C In addition to sales and services, our production and development is located internationally. SICK has a strategic and customer-oriented distribution of these departments in Germany,...

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Identification Solutions - 7

Global presence A B C D E F G H All over the world Europe •• Austria •• Belgium •• Czech Republic •• Denmark •• Finland •• France •• Germany •• Great Britain •• Italy •• Luxembourg •• Netherlands •• Norway •• Poland •• Romania •• Russia •• Slovenia •• Spain •• Sweden •• Switzerland •• Turkey 8012017/2011-01-03 Subject to change without notice N. & S. America •• Brazil •• USA/Canada/Mexico Asia •• China •• India •• Indonesia •• Israel •• Japan •• Korea •• Singapore •• Taiwan •• United Arab Emirates Africa •• South Africa Australia •• Australia •• New Zealand I D E N T I F I C AT I O N S OLUT...

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Identification Solutions - 8

A B C D E F G H The focus and how you benefit from it We provide safety SICK concentrates strictly on the development and production of sensors for f ­ actory, logistics and process automation. The result is innovative, powerful p ­ roducts and ­ ystems that provide our customers the highest level of safety s a i ­ nd ­ncreased quality. A-4 I D E N T I F I C AT I O N S OLUT I O N S | S I C K 8012017/2011-01-03 Subject to change without notice

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Identification Solutions - 9

Business areas A B C D E F Openness The secret behind our success: All sensors in principle work in any automation scenario. This level of openness provides our customers with maximum freedom and creates the best possible safety solution. G H Factory automation Logistics automation •• Electro-sensitive detection, counting, classification and positioning of objects •• Detection of shape, position and surface differences •• Protection against accidents and p ­ rotection of people with sensors, safety software and safety services •• Automatic identification using b ­ ar code and RFID readers...

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Identification Solutions - 10

A B C Customers’ markets and how we view them D We are familiar with your p ­ rocesses E G Sensors from SICK are ideal for all automation in industry, regardless of the type of production processes used or which products are manufactured. For this reason in particular: as a development p ­ artner for industry, it is crucial for our success that we are fully familiar with the production steps in every market. H Versatility Automotive industry f With its specialized market expertise, SICK is your partner in the ­ollowing markets: Our holistic view of optimization potential makes automated...

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Identification Solutions - 11

Industrial markets A B C D E F G Food & beverage With comprehensive knowledge, SICK understands every detail in automated production and handling. Perfectly matched sensors ensure plant safety and meet stringent hygienic requirements. H Logistics In an increasingly global economy, the demands on logistics processes are growing steadily. With tailor-made s ­ olutions and products for control, i ­dentification, monitoring and measuring, SICK ensures customers have an efficient logistics chain. 8012017/2011-01-03 Subject to change without notice I D E N T I F I C AT I O N S OLUT I O N S | S I...

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