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Tru-Line Flange-Couplings RFK … TBO backlash free cone clamping connection Features • Compact design • Small axial space required for installation • Quick disassembly for minimal downtime • Large allowable shaft tolerance of h8 • Shafts are not weakened by keyways • No fretting corrosion like with keyway connections • Typical applications: Drive units and conveyor drives e.g. in mining Order example Coupling design Coupling flange with hub type MSC Coupling flange with hub type FSC Coupling size of smaller coupling half 0050 Type Hub A, type: • Flange with Female Pilot • Flange with Male Pilot Cone clamping element Hub A, design: Frictional Shaft-Hub-Connection Transmissible torques Simultaneous transmission of torque, axial force and bending The transmissible torques listed on the follomoment wing page are subject to the listed tolerances, surface finishes and material requirements. Please contact RINGSPANN in case of deviations. Tolerances • h8 for shaft diameters dF or dM Surfaces Average surface finish at the contact surfaces of the shafts Rz = 10 … 25 µm. Materials RINGSPANN is able to recommend suitable shaft materials using DIN 743 (12/2012 edition) taking the surface pressures for the Tru-Line Flange-Couplings RFK … TBO into account. Where there are combinations of axial forces and/or bending moments in the application in addition to the torque TN, the max. transmissible torque will be reduced as compared to the values for TK max shown in the tables. RINGSPANN will select the proper coupling for each application based upon the allowed transmissible torque under existing bending moment conditions. Our selection calculations are in accordance with the latest scientific knowledge and experience in the industry and will include the proper safety factor to prevent fretting corrosion. Please contact RINGSPANN. Hub B, type: • Flange with Female Pilot • Flange with Male Pilot Hub B, design: Frictional Shaft-Hub-Connection Order information The coupling halves and the fasteners set can also be ordered separately. The indication of the coupling half corresponds to the size

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Tru-Line Flange-Couplings RFK … TBO backlash free cone clamping connection Tru-Line FlangeCoupling RFK Size Coupling Half FSC MSC Female Male Pilot Pilot Flange connection screws Cone clamping screws Weight FSC or Tightening MSC torque Paired coupling halves of the same colour can be interchanged due to matching flange patterns. The maximum torques of the smaller coupling half apply. * Number of connection screws Y in accordance DIN EN ISO 4014 property class 10.9 or 12.9 for RFK 0050 TBO on pitch circle T. Mounting The installation and operating instruction for Tru-Line Flange-Couplings...

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