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RINGSPANN : Power Transmission Components


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RINGSPANN : Power Transmission Components - 1

in Energy Generation Power Transmission Components RINGSPANN® Registered Trademark of RINGSPANN GmbH, Bad Homburg

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Headquarters Bad Homburg, Germany Founded 1944 International companies 16 Manufacturing plants 8 Employees 450 Product range Power Transmission Clamping Fixtures Remote Control Systems Company profile Innovative achievements have made RINGSPANN a leading manufacturer for Power Transmission Components, Clamping Fixtures and Remote Control Systems. Many well-known companies from the machine building, the material handling, the energy as well as the aerospace industries successfully work with RINGSPANN. With more than 70 years'experience in development, design and manufacturing, we are experts...

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RINGSPANN : Power Transmission Components - 3

Power Transmission Components for Wind Turbines Brakes as rotor brakes Brakes as holding brakes in rotor blades Shrink Discs to connect gearbox hollow shafts with rotor shafts Control Systems for controlled braking of rotors 6 Hydraulic Power Units to supply hydraulic power to brakes

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RINGSPANN : Power Transmission Components - 4

Power Transmission Components for Hydro Power Plants Wave Power Plant Freewheels as Indexing Freewheels for transmission of translatory into rotatory movements Brakes for braking and holding of rotors Cone Clamping Elements Clamping connections for backlash free fastening of hubs on shafts Marine Current Power 6

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RINGSPANN : Power Transmission Components - 5

Power Transmission Components for Power Station Engineering Brakes for braking and holding Overload Clutches to protect drive units from overload Flange-Couplings to connect shafts Pin and Bush Couplings for torsionally rigid and elastic connection of shafts, in particular between motor and machine Freewheels as Backstops prevent reverse rotation in pumps and fans under the back pressure of the conveyed medium if the motor is turned off Shrink Discs External clamping connections for backlash free fastening of hollow shafts or hubs on shafts Freewheels as Overrunning Clutches automatically...

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RINGSPANN : Power Transmission Components - 6

Power Transmission Components for Energy Recovery Housing Freewheels engage turbines driven by process recovery steam, to unload the main drive Disc Couplings ensure a torsionally rigid connection between the turbine and the Housing Freewheel

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RINGSPANN : Power Transmission Components - 7

Europe RINGSPANN Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg RINGSPANN Benelux B.V. Nieuwenkampsmaten 6 - 15, 7472 DE Goor, Netherlands • +31 547 2613 55 • Austria, Hungary, Slovenia RINGSPANN Austria GmbH Kleegasse 9, 2624 Breitenau, Austria +43 26 35 624 46 • Poland Radius-Radpol Wiechec Sp.J. ul. Kolejowa 16 b, 60-185 Skorzewo, Poland +48 61 814 39 28 • Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova S.C. Industrial Seals and Rolls S.R.L. Str. Depozitelor, No. 29, 110078 Pitesti, Romania +4 0751 22...

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