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Features • Compact design • Small dimensions • Electrical insulation • No stick-slip action • Large radial shaft misalignment permissible • For angular misalignments of up to 3° • Torsionally rigid • Minimal restoring forces on adjacent machine parts Configuration The RINGSPANN Flexible Couplings are based on the proven Oldham principle. They consist of a flexible disc made of highly wear-resistant plastic resin and two coupling halves made of steel or spherical graphite iron. Different coupling solutions can be achieved by combining different coupling halves (see Fig. 8-2). The robust design of only three basic elements guarantees excellent reliability and easy mounting. Coupling half with keyway The driving dogs of the two hubs engage by sliding into corresponding slots of the flexible disc, the slots being offset by 90°, thereby compensating very large parallel misalignments of the shafts, if necessary. Furthermore, the support dogs - offset by 90° to the driving dogs - can compensate angular misalignments of up to 3°. Coupling half with keyway Coupling half with clamping hub The rotation movement is always transmitted angle true. The particularly large, low-stress transmission surfaces are not subject to any elastic distortion or play and therefore no fatigue. Coupling half with clamping hub Driving dogs and flexible disc should be greased with graphite paste or molybdenum disulphide as recommended in the operating instructions. This is not necessary if the couplings run in oil. Coupling half with flange connection Care must be taken that the Flexible Couplings are not affected by undue axial forces caused, for example, by heat expansion of the shafts. If necessary, the coupling has to be mounted with axial tolerance between support dogs and flexible disc. Coupling half with flange connection Possible combinations of different cou

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Flexible Couplings I____Selecting the size of the Flexible Coupling The size of the Flexible Coupling is selected on the basis of the maximum load torque according to the familiar formula: Ml= 9550 • P/n [Nm] In this formula: Ml = Load torque of driven machine [Nm] P = Power required for driving the machine, which is in most cases lower than the nominal power of the motor [kW] n = Coupling speed [min'1] The load torque requirement Ml calculated according to this formula is an average value, but in reality the transmitted torque M through the coupling is irregular, according to the...

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Flexible Couplings LHubs with keyways Technical Data and Dimensions Coupling size * Hub lengths F-| and F2 can be shortened with corresponding changes to dimensions A, C and L. Please specify when ordering: • Whether supply is required with rough bores as per catalogue or finished bores. • If finish bored, give diameters d1 and d2. Tolerance of finished bores is H7. Keyways as per DIN 6885, p. 1. Example for ordering Flexible Coupling L 90 with finished bore d1 55 mm and finished bore d2 87 mm: • L 90, d1 = 55 mm, d2 = 87 mm

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