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Flat Element Flange Chucks KFFF RINGSPANN


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Flat Element Flange Chucks KFFF RINGSPANN - 1

Flat Element Flange Chucks KFFF Features • For clamping diameters from 90 mm to 260 mm • High true running accuracy ≤ 0,01 mm • Permissible component tolerance up to IT11 • Very short clamping fixture length • Short clamping length • Pull-back against internal backstop pins, external backstop surface or external backstop ring by the customer • Hand clamping optional possible • Rubberized slots in the Flat Element Seating body Backstop ring (by customer) The Flat Element Flange Chuck consists of a seating body with backstop pins, a Flat Element and a draw bolt. An assembly for hand clamping is optionally available. The Flat Element Flange Chuck is attached to the machine with the seating body. The Clamping Fixture is actuated by the draw bolt, which is connected to the machine power actuating unit. Flat Element Draw bolt Intermediate Flanges and Spring Force Actuators are shown starting on page 58. Clamping principle The Flat Element sits pre-loaded in the seating diameter of the seating body. For clamping, the Flat Element is elastically deformed by the axial actuation force. The component is centred, pressed against the backstop and aligned flush. Key: Axial actuating force Radial clamping force Axial pull-back

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Flat Element Flange Chucks KFFF Detail "Z" Backstop surface DIN 974 -1-12 Series 1 (8 x 45°) Backstop ring (by customer) Achievable clamping diameter Maximum diameter change** D* mm KFFF 110 KFFF 120 KFFF 130 KFFF 140 KFFF 155 KFFF 170 KFFF 185 KFFF 200 KFFF 220 KFFF 240 KFFF 260 KFFF 280 * Clamping diameter adjustable to two places after the decimal point • ** of the clamping diameter of the Clamping Element. • *** for clamping with pull-back action. • **** Y = Number of backstop pins on pitch circle diameter Ta2. • ***** The locking ring prevents loss of the draw bolt during transport and...

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