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Expanding Sleeve Mandrels HDDS RINGSPANN


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Expanding Sleeve Mandrels HDDS Features • For clamping diameters from 25 mm to 82,5 mm • Excellent suitability for the clamping of workpieces to gearing processing works • High true running accuracy ≤ 0,005 mm • Permissible component tolerance up to IT 10 • Pull-back against external Intermediate Flange ring by the customer • Also suitable for clamping on short clamping lengths or clamping surfaces interrupted by grooves • Hand clamping optional possible • Impervious to ingress of foreign objects due to the rubberized slots in the Expanding Sleeve Configuration Intermediate Flange with backstop (by customer) Expanding Sleeve Thrust ring Clamping Discs pack Thrust ring Draw bush The Expanding Sleeve Mandrel is composed of the assembly group draw bush and the assembly group Expanding Sleeve. For manual clamping, the addition of a threaded plate is required. The Expanding Sleeve Mandrel is screwed together with the Intermediate Flange to the machine connection. The highest level of true running accuracy is achieved when the Expanding Sleeve is finished by grinding with the Intermediate Flange after assembly. The Clamping Fixture is operated by the central assembly group draw bush, which is connected to the power clamping device of the machine. Clamping principle A pack of RINGSPANN Clamping Discs sits on the draw bush. Above that, there is a slotted Expanding Sleeve screwed together with a Intermediate Flange. When axial actuating force is applied, the Clamping Discs are evenly expanded over their entire circumference – and the Expanding Sleeve at the same time as a result. Reinforced by tapered design of the deformation zones, the slotted Expanding Sleeve shortens causing the clamped workpiece to be pulled back against the backstop. An additional tailstock or centering tip gives the Expanding Sleeve Mandrel a greater total stiffness after the clamping action. The tailstock or centering tip supports the Expanding Sleeve only. Key: Axial actuating force Radial clamping force Axial pull-bac

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Expanding Sleeve Mandrels HDDS Please note IT7 Intermediate Flange with backstop (by customer) Clamp. stroke H max. Thread for push off screws in Intermediate Flange Clamping range Maximum Max. Max. diameter transmissible actuating change* torque** force Tightening torque D mm HDDS 11 HDDS 15 HDDS 20 HDDS 30 HDDS 40 HDDS 50 * of the clamping diameter of the Clamping Element. ** The max. transmissible torque refers to the min. clamping diameter. For larger clamping diameters, the max. transmissible torque can be linearly extrapolated with the clamping diameter. *** for screws of strength...

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