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Complete Freewheels FKh for bolting to the face with hydrodynamic sprag lift-off for multimotor drives Application as ➧ Overrunning Clutch at high speeds, which are the same or similiar in freewheeling operation and in driving operation. Features Complete Freewheels FKh with hydrodynamic sprag lift-off are typically used in installations where an assembly can be driven from two or more motors or turbines at the same or similar high speed. Complete Freewheels FKh are sealed sprag freewheels with ball bearings. They are supplied oil-filled and ready for installation. Nominal torques up to 14 000 Nm. Bores up to 95 mm. Application example Two Complete Freewheels FKh 28 ATR as overrunning clutches in the drive system of a fan. The fan can be driven either by an electric motor or by a turbine. The freewheels between the fan and the two drive assemblies automatically engage the working drive with the fan and in each case disengage the drive that is no longer giving power. The freewheels replace actuated clutches, which require an additional activation when changing over from one drive to another. The hydrodynamic sprag lift-off is the most suitable type for a wear-free freewheeling operation if the speeds in driving operation are the same or similarly high to those speeds in freewheeling operation.

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Complete Freewheels FKh for bolting to the face with hydrodynamic sprag lift-off for multimotor drives B Complete Freewheels Overrunning Clutch 21-1 Type with hydrodynamic sprag lift-off For extended service life using sprag lift-off at high speed rotating outer ring Max. speed B D F G** Bore d Nominal Outer ring Inner ring Freewheel torque overruns drives Standard max. Size Type MN mm mm mm mm mm min-1 Nm min-1 FKh 24 ATR 1 100 3 000 3 000 35 40* 90 170 1,0 M 10 FKh 28 ATR 1 800 2 000 2 000 45 50* 103 186 1,0 M 10 FKh 94 ATR 2 500 1 800 1 800 60 60 112 210 7,0 M 10 FKh 106 ATR 4 200 1 600...

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