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VU Tower-like Sand-making System - 1

mm. Quality Sand: Controllable Gradation, Particle Shape and Filler Content SHIBANG INDUSTRY & TECHNOLORY GROUP CO., LTD. +S±3®S3SS#¥PSIStelkBi416^ No.416 Jianye Road, South Jinqiao Area, Pudong New District, Shanghai, China W8m / Postcode: 201201 ’ TOP DRY-PROCESS SAND-MAKING PLANT BfotTlltljnfl / International Trade Department Tel: 0086-021-58386176 0086-021-58386189 Fax: 0086-021-58386211 Email: : Tel: 400-696-1899 (24/J) 021-58386699 Fax: 021-58385681 Email:

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VU Tower-like Sand-making System - 2

n*n$s, vussiffHttffciia Masterpiece of Sand-making Process, VU Series Aggregate Optimization System Requirements on Concrete Concrete Pumping Site Strength, flowability and durability are core indicators of modern concrete performance. Composition of Concrete S. The main raw material of concrete is the fine aggregate (sand). Its performance has a significant influence on the performance and cement-cost of concrete. Problems of Manufactured Sand using Conventional Technique and Equipments SW±B*. The manufactured sand, due to unreasonable gradation, excessively high filler and clay content,...

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VU Tower-like Sand-making System - 3

♦ The fully-closed delivery and production and vacuum-based dust collection ensure no flying dust on the production site. ♦ The dry-process crushing, grinding and screening technique ensure no waste water or sludge is discharged. 1SffJlia»VU*ttJl±«*]JISl$»=F3*a0>3Rtt , SRJBJMUfegJWfcSSteSffl* s, mmmm, et&asu sshs, £**asL , The VU system by SBM is a global most-advanced dry-process sand-making system. The system is constructed like a tower. Its fully-enclosed layout features high integration. It integrates the functions of high-efficiency sand making, particle shape optimization, filler...

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VU Tower-like Sand-making System - 4

02 nnm, yummmtmmn High Efficiency---VU System Brings about Revolution in the Sand-making Industry High Efficiency in Production Innovation in crushing and grinding technologies, greatly raising the sand formation ratio by more than 10%. Integration of dry-process screening technology, greatly raising the screening efficiency while reducing screen area by more than 50% compared to the conventional technology. ♦ , &s*jiS5~io%. Improvement in performance of each equipment and reasonable arrangement of processes, greatly reducing the electricity consumption per ton of sand while...

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VU Tower-like Sand-making System - 5

Conventional Sand/4$ VU Sand/ C < 03 r^] pp , VU5r:^/SJlidhfawil High Quality ---VU Sand Complete Complies with the Concrete Standard ft , O.15-O.6mmS0ftj>£i£;Ui , 2.36~4.75mmi|§fc!>r5tfcT ft , f^HB^JtASTM C33x +Bfi0£JGJ52=Kfl]S]flE«9£lS 383=Kftfj3lke)i»|iSB. Interaction of crushing and grinding with flexible design of screening makes the gradation of manufactured sand continuous and controllable, with ratio of fine sand (0.15- 0.6 mm) increased greatly and that of coarse sand (2.36 - 4.75 mm) decreased, complying with the US standard ASTM C33, the Chinese standard JGJ52 (grading zone...

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VU Tower-like Sand-making System - 6

Considerable Benefit 04 naaia®, High Return on Investment --VU System Enhances Comprehensive Competitiveness of Enterprise Increasing Demand ±, iwsfcea, vpttrmm HlOOfcn* , PMl£5000fc 7d1iLt. Sand and stone are the basic construction materials used in large quantities. In China, the annual output of sand and stone exceeds 10 billion ton, and the sand and stone industry is more than RMB 500 billion in scale. Due to the restrictions in respect of geological distribution, amount and quality, natural sand is unable to fully meet the construction requirements. The manufactured sand from...

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VU Tower-like Sand-making System - 7

Perfect Dry-process Sand-making Technique VU1«, Using the most reasonable dry-process technique, the VU system maximizes the reproduction of natural crushing, erosion, friction, washing and separation of natural sand. The result is the considerable improvement in the performance of manufactured sand. -15mm»JRft ( rTIUSER M3K5»*«M8f§»JR|B|.) g&VU£&£SH»ftl$tajS , mm Owing to the reasonable and highly-efficient processing in the VU system, the raw materials less than 15mm in size (for example, the cheap and readily available chip stone and peastone) are converted into the manufactured sand...

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VU Tower-like Sand-making System - 8

VU#**, VU Sand-making Crusher --Vast Improvement from the High-efficiency Sand-making Machine High Sand-making Efficiency The new-generation VU sand-making crusher is developed by referring to the VSI sand-making machine, the most popular brand in China, and creating the high frequency "stone-on-stone" and "material cloud" grinding technology. Its sand formation ratio and fine sand ratio can be increased by more than 10% compared to the VSI sand-making machine. Ideal Particle Shape The innovative grinding and shaping of the new-type sand-making crusher can effectively remove the elongated...

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VU Tower-like Sand-making System - 9

Dust Separating and Filler Collecting Module VUttfMl, VU Particle Shape Optimization Machine -Internationally Innovative High-efficiency Particle Shape Optimization Technology Environmental Protection The vacuum dust collector is used. All the procedures, from storage in filler hoppewr to conveyance by the tank truck, are conducted in closed manner. This ensures no flying on the site, and compliance with the national environmental protection standard. Smart Design The design of automatic monitoring and discharge of filler hopper enables the filler storage and transfer to be operated with...

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VU Tower-like Sand-making System - 10

Technical Parameters #f£St§$i\ Parameter ASIvS Size of Raw Material (mm) VU system, one of the most advanced dry-process sand-making system, can work as an independent production line or cooperate with other crushing modules, specializing in providing high quality manufactured sand. About different materials and solutions, please consult the technical engineers of SBM. Feed Rate of Raw Material (t/h) Output of Manufactured Sand (t/h) (rTM)Filler Content (Adjustable) Main Equipment ait®# Auxiliary Equipment VUMJtfiii® VU Sand-making Crusher FM Control Screen Dust Collector Particle Shape...

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