SBM PFW Series Impact Crusher for Stone and Ore


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SBM PFW Series Impact Crusher for Stone and Ore - 1

A WORLD-RENOWNED EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER 5?H Shibong Indtivlry & Tet'h'iolagy Group CO., Lid. Whatsapp:+8618537183645 Wechat: C443276358 Email: PFwsjgoKlifilssiriBBinPFW Series Euro-style Impact CrusheriBSIBTfiimSBICiiaflli Advance forward in both speed and scale - Shilling Industry & Technology Croup CO., Ltd. ±tt: ±JS5S*SfE^SE^*&416-^ Shanghai Shibang Machinery Co., Ltd.No.416 jianye Road, South Jinqiao Area, Pudong New District, Shanghai,China (201201) A WORLD-RENOWNED EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER m m ± it w ^ iik is # m it n

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SBM PFW Series Impact Crusher for Stone and Ore - 2

PFW^SUESK&lsSKieiiffin PEW Series Euro-style Impact Crusher Advance forward in both speed and scale This machine crushes materials with impact force. When the materials enter the blow bar area, they are crushed by the high-speed rotor.then are thrown to the impact plates on the rotor for secondary crushing. Next material rebound to the rotor be crushed again. Thus process continues till the material be discharged. The size and shape of final product can be changed by adjusting the gap between the impact plate shelves and rotor.

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SBM PFW Series Impact Crusher for Stone and Ore - 3

---- ih't»#nq Industry & Ttthnology O' CKI> CO.. Lid Key components of the equipment are made of advanced machining and hot treatment processes. Counterstrike baord is casted by high wear resistant material and the impact face is provided with a lining structure, largely improving the wear resistance property of the impact plate. Board hammer is poured by the process integrating with highchrome material and wear-resistant material and processed by the rigid thermal treatment, having fine machine impact resistance and thermal impact resistance properties. It makes fullest use of the Hammer...

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SBM PFW Series Impact Crusher for Stone and Ore - 4

---- . *h't»ng Industry & TftllPotefV SfOM? CO.. L1<? FSBatmO)£Heavy rotor design and tight test method 3SK?R«£&i2i. mm iXSiiEJtaiffi*, The European Style impact crusher adopts a rigid heavy rotor to gain more rotary inertia and counterforce to increase the crushing capacity; and is tested by the tight test method on the defect on the surface, near surface and inner surface to ensure its high quality and improve the rotor performance. The flat hammer of PFW impact crusher is fixed on the rotor by a group of wedge blocks. The wedge block tightly locks the flat hammer from horizontal and...

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SBM PFW Series Impact Crusher for Stone and Ore - 5

---- Sfcitwtg INtartry & Tfthnologjr GriHriP CO.. Lid BHISIfiJM (effiiiMSU) Spring safety device (Application has submitted for state patent) When iron or other hard material that cann't be crushed, be fed in the crushing chamber, the front and rear impact shelves will be pushed back, so the hard material will be discharge,the impact crusher resume production and eliminate the blocking risk. *J±5TM£ES Spring safety device Hydraulic jacking device isiiR j^b isiumran Hydraulic jacking device and hydraulic regulated discharging port UtfTArtSSasfnHtiil. PFW series impact crusher is installed...

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