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SBM HST Cone Crusher for Stone and Ore

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A WORLD-RENOWNED EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER Shibang Indmlry fid Tfrctiinolagy Group CO., Lid. HST ?fsS»0igl±l!ilffifi?iin HST Series Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher Extremely simple, high, good and powerful Whatsapp:+8618537183645 Wechat: C443276358 Email: QQ: 443276358 SQM - Sliibong Induslry & Technology Group C0„ Ltd- Shanghai Shibang Machinery Co., Ltd.No.416 jianye Road, South Jinqiao Area, Pudong New District, Shanghai,China (201201) A WORLD-RENOWNED EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER

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HST*i?g®£Iigl±ElfBlKBP*n 11 ST Series Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher If your aggregate or mining business demands not only big capacity and first-class product quality but also low operating cost, high utilization of source and easy maintainence, you will find a SBM HST crusher is optimized for your needs. As a kind of energy efficient product, HST series can be efficiently applied to various crushing processes with full automation control and relatively low operating and maintenance cost.

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mm*Product features SSEflfiiHfFEBFull Automatic Control High performance & Great Compressive Capacity n^jwmefiK ti isMias-fflifWip, hkmmm ifniiSIf+tn ftiiMtcSHe-^-o HST^5'j^si;t£EH«®5$miES;jia:if?®5$ssa. £, EftMPn'&fli*. EEJgISMBMMst The high performance of HST series cone crusher not depends on a single component’ s optimized design or the upgraded materials, but the perfect match between different components. HST series cone crushers incorporate eccentricity, cavity and equipment motion parameters together, greatly improving the end products quality, production capacity and efficiency....

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Product structures 331511131+ Anti-dust System *ffljEEEB&«k3RSE, By adopting the positive pressure anti-dust system, the cavity’ s inner pressure is always higher than its external pressure, which efficiently prevents the dust or other unwanted particles from entering into the cavity to damage the bearing, thus extends the working life of lubrication oil and device. Detailed structure: 1— Upper Frame 2— $10H Concave 3— Mantle 4— sSflffc Movable Cone 5— Main Shaft 6— Dustproof Sealing Ring 7— f-i'b'iS Eccentric Sleeve 8— Lower Frame 10— tiSJEEfEL Flydraulic Cylinder 11— /fi;f Lubricating Oil...

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GSfflfi'iBit Optimized Cavity Strut On Both The Upper And Bottom End For Principal Axis The unique support structure stabilizes the stress of the principal axis, and improves the equipment’ s bearing capacity and reliability. The optimized crushing cavity design not only guarantees the high efficiency of interparticle crushing, but also enables the best performance of equipments even when the liner is wearing out. Therefore, higher efficiency of crushing and longer service life of liner is achieved. By control the hydraulic lift and floating main shaft at once, the discharging adjustment...

 Open the catalog to page 5 m KJWI.-T ft frwg lip, I/M rfm* ¥«, ns#fi, ##-£<> mwtmtJWSio By using spiral bevel gear, the drive system ensures that the transmission process is high efficient, reliable and stable with low noise and long life. The transmission shaft adopts rolling bearing design and large size bearing to promise a greater compressive capacity. b.^-SMJSJBE3H»afi7n#fM&«, itiFSfEJE; 14; e.7K¥tt?4Az:/fi>t, ;'H>fSJDnT*o a. The integrated design of hydraulic station and lubrication station saves the installation space, b. The reasonable layout of hydraulic lubrication station’ s components...

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ISTltfllKTechnical Information 2j£71lM1z£ Technical Information Model Cavity Maximum feeding Minimum discharging Maximum installed size(mm) size(mm) power(kw) Minimum discharging figures are indicative for materials with bulk density of 1.6 t/m3. Actual results may vary depending on the feed grading, rock type, moisture etc. 7i?L!i$R\t' mm Square opening sieves HsjmmmfimmsTertiary Cone Crusher Indicative Gradation Curves nnm Square opening sieves

 Open the catalog to page 7 _- ^ yu^vjihA.ii. f Mn^>..ffruW|. (n m _- ^ yu^vjihA.ii. f Mn^>..ffruW|. (n m Capacity and minimum setting figures are indicative for materials with bulk density of 1.6 t/m3. Actual results may vary depending on the feed grading, rock type, moisture etc. Ft&n Indicative Crusher HST^5ijme?3ft!gi£iitsiieii¥iiin HST Series Secondary Cone Crusher \t"(mm) Closed Side Setting

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smervJDimensions HST£5umn¥S£i;&i±in{aii&ii¥iiiii HST Series Secondary Cone Crusher HST^gnmessiBSBiiiBSin HST Series Tertiary Cone Crusher

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Low cost - High performance Your Best Choice HST Series Cone Crushers-Perfect Balance betweenPerformance and Cost £§SEBM£«TfttN *M5fB£M, tAXMJS* was#, ffiHST^^ij, n Optimized structure, easy adjustment and control system, various cavity types and high quality components endow HST series cone crushers with unmatched high performance and low cost per ton in compare with traditional cone crushers. Overseas Offices MmiaarnM SBM is a world leading mining machinery enterprise specializing in R&D and manufacturing crushing machines and grinding equipments. For decades, we are devoted to innovative...

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