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A WORLD-RENOWNED EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER sm Shibjng Industry & Technology Group CO., lid. C6x mmmmmmC6X Series Jaw Crusher Global Most Ideal Coarse Crushing Equipment Scan for Chat Whatsapp: +8618537183645 Wechat: C443276358 Email: Industry & Technology Group C0„ Ltd. Shanghai Shibang Machinery Co., Ltd.No.416 jianye Road, South Jinqiao Area, Pudong New District, Shanghai,China (201201) A WORLD-RENOWNED EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER ¥ m ± n w # iul ® # iij m m

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SBM C6X Jaw Crusher For Stone and Ore - 2 ---- 5>H<t»*ng lixluicrj-& TtchnoJosj- Ofovc CO.. Lid flkgdiTSr—RStE&SaS f£ftgMBFWtT SBM is the globally rock and mineral processing equipment supplier. In order to solve such problems as low production efficiency, and difficult installation and maintenance of the existing jaw crushers on the market, SBM developed a new generation of energy-efficient jaw crusher - C6X series jaw crusher with its years’ experience in product development and production as well as services in thousands of production line projects. The C6X series jaw crusher has all international...

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SBM C6X Jaw Crusher For Stone and Ore - 3

---- Shfbang Irxluitr,' & Trchnoiogr Grex-c CO.. L1<J mmm mmmm Efficient cavity type Higher crushing efficiency The cavity type of C6X series jaw crusher is optimized and designed on the basis of repeated calculation and practical applications, able to achieve higher kinematic performance; moreover, its large stroke and steep bracket angle design can realize a greater stroke at the bottom of the crushing cavity, achieve stronger material throughput and thus greatly improve the crushing efficiency. immm Detachable frame-Higher strength C6X series jaw crusher adopts the design that the side...

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SBM C6X Jaw Crusher For Stone and Ore - 4

---- Sliiti#nq IrxShJitrj-* Tfchnoic^gf 0rove CC‘.. Ll<3 Better raw materials For better quality only Better raw materials, castings and forgings - C6X series jaw crusher selected better materials both at home and abroad for such key components as side plates, front and back walls, movable jaw body and shaft. mmmwm irxiiF mmmm Rich optional configurations - For users’ wider options Fast installation, quick production HEKffljfflailtfEUI'gsitJ]® Flexible switching between fixed and mobile operations The C6X series jaw crusher has a lower requirement for the equipment foundation by virtue of...

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SBM C6X Jaw Crusher For Stone and Ore - 5

---— SJvb*ng Ir^ustry & TfchnoJofljr Grov© CO.. Lid Easy maintenance, able to improve the equipment operation efficiency Sain)!]: The C6X series of jaw crusher is suitable for harsh production environment, but any equipment also needs reasonable repair and maintenance no matter how excellent it is and reasonable repair and maintenance can not only ensure the equipment normal operation, but also can enhance the work efficiency and improve the system production capacity; the design of C6X series jaw crusher has considered all details of the equipment in repair and maintenance in order to...

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SBM C6X Jaw Crusher For Stone and Ore - 6

- - - — SJi<ti*nq Irxhjitrjf & TKhnoiogp1 Grove CO.. Lid Technical Information: Indicative Gradation Curves(t/h) imam Indicative Capacities (t/h) Capacity is indicative for instantaneous sampling results of materials with bulk density of 1.6t/m3 .

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