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Roller Brush Module for Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaners As the representative of cleaning products, handheld vacuum cleaners occupy an important position in small home appliances. But owing to its small power, the suction is not strong enough. Generally speaking, the cleaning capacity of a vacuum cleaner is related to its structure of roller brush, design, and motor suction. The greater the suction it has, the better cleaning effect it will get, but the power consumption and noise will accordingly increase. ZHAOWEI roller brush gear motor module for vacuum cleaner is mainly used for the driving wheel, main brush, side brush, and other moving parts of the vacuum cleaner to meet the requirements of low noise, long service life and ideal efficiency. As consumption upgrades, household vacuum cleaners, especially cordless handheld vacuum cleaners, have been gaining more and more popularity owing to its convenient use without any cord. Cleaning power is an important factor that must be considered when purchasing. Nowadays, most of the vacuum cleaners on the market operate by connecting the vacuum cleaner with the connector on its tube. This features poor flexibility, lack of flexible rotation and weak suction. Besides, the brush head will be easy to fall off and not easy to install, resulting in inconvenient use. To solve the problems above, ZHAOWEI together with smart home appliances manufacturers found that there is still much room for improvement in dust collection of cordless handheld vacuum cleaners based on research & development. By adding

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the high-torque planetary gear motor to the suction head of brush, the suction power will be improved, the service life will be extended and the noise will be reduced when using. Design Principle of Rotating Module for Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaners Although there are many types of cordless handheld vacuum cleaners, they have a similar structure which is composed of shell, motor, automatic charging base, virtual wall transmitter, sensor head, switch, electric brush, dust bag, etc. At present, most vacuum cleaner motors mainly adopt AC series excitation motors and permanent magnet DC...

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Generally speaking, the floor needs the most frequent cleaning, so for the rolling brush configuration, the 4-stage roller brush gear motor with powerful suction capacity can be chosen to quickly absorb the dust on the ground. ZHAOWEI has firmly committed to the roller brush gear motor design of the vacuum cleaner. 1-stage, 2-stage, 3-stage and 4-stage transmission are available for the roller brush gear motor module while the gear ratio, input speed, torque, etc. can be customized according to customers’ transmission demands. This helps to meet the needs of intelligent transmission at all...

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Stable, Low-Noise, Reliable In recent years, handheld vacuum cleaners continue to challenge other categories of vacuum cleaners and its retail sales ratio in overall vacuum cleaners continue to climb. In the early stage of the handheld vacuum cleaners market, the update and breakthrough of handheld vacuum cleaners by manufacturers were mainly on the premise of improving the suction capacity of vacuum cleaners. After the suction capacity develops to a certain degree, manufacturers begin to pay attention to the development of other subsidiary functions, such as product weight, function of...

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