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Micro Gearboxes Manufacturer for Transmission System

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About ZhaoWei Shenzhen Zhaowei Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd. is a National high-tech enterprise, founded in 1997 and professionally speialized in R & D and manufacturing precise transmmission system. Products mainly related to automotive intelligent drive, industrial equipment, smart home, medical equipment, electronic products; also provide customized services for customer's intelligent drive .

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Zhao Wei Electrical and Mechanical has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949, ISO13485 system certification, and won the title of national high-tech enterprises in 2013 .Company pay high attention to scientific and technological ability and research and development independent, successfully applied more than 80 patents. In the industries of telecommunication and new energy intelligent transmission mechanism, independent development the electrical adjustment system of 4G base station antenna, smart home, core driving module of intelligent robot, we are in the international leading level. We have...

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In May 2011, product strategy was formulated which included automotive intelligent drive, communication equipment, smart home appliance, medical devices, electronic products and customized micro gearboxes for transmission system etc.. From year of 2015 to 2017, yearly sales turnover grew at 30%. Jun 2001 Aug 2008 Precision, Micro, Automotive Parts Oct 2009 Micro Gearbox May 2011 Micro Gearbox Transmission Feb 2017 Zhaowei Industry Park Established Dec 2017 Stockholding Setup ■ Key Motor Parts Panosonic Sanyo Sankyo ■ Key Gear Parts Canon Nikon Asia Optical ■ Automotive Parts Bosch Brose...

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Cooperation Partners UAES sOmfy. iRobot Canon Nikon Widen Automobile: Germany BOSCH* Germany bose ,Frand Valeo* TOYOTA* BYD* Great Wall; Communication: HUAWEI* Tencent* HUBER+SUNNNER; Medical: Medtronic, US BD ,WEGO ; Smart Home: Electrolux, CONAIR, SOMFY* Samsung* Germany WIK* Gree* Microsoft, Midea; Motor: SANYO* Nidec* Panasonic* JOHNSON* Standard etc.;

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Desig R&D Ability ZhaoWei

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R&D Team The team members of R&D includes professors, doctors, masters and senior engineers. Total amount of members are 350. It includes 3 gear specialists, 165 postgraduates, 175 undergraduates. The average age of members are 32 years old. The platform is formed from R&D, design, manufacturing to experimental testing. Specialist 研发设计 Experience for 45 years 75% Graduation 65 postgraduates 75 undergrad

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The team covers R&D for micro gears and gearboxes, precision mold design and processing, injection molding and automation assembly, gear inspection and transmission system testing. Transmission Simulation and verification Material study Software development Gearbox Design Custom products Motor design Tooling design Flexible machining Automatic injection Automatic assembly Double meshes instrument Testing center CMM Thermogravimetry Performance test High-low temperature Life test Noise

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Gear Tooling Design Tooling design of gear is different from traditional mold design,it need actual experience data to adjust the gear tooth thickness, modulus, pressure angle, also the tooling manufacture can not based on the theory shrinkage rate of material directly, our advantages are: ➢ On the basis of KISSSOFT, we independently developed the parametric calculation software of plastic gear mold cavity according to our working experience. The software can create the model of gear profile and modify the gear shape to enhance the pricision of gear profile . ➢ After the gear model created...

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Mold Flow Analysis Filling analysis Part line analysis 2 mold flow analysisers with 8 years working experience on material reseach and have postgraduate diploma . Can accurately predict the product deformation, shrinkage, position of material lack, air trapped and other defects, also give the corresponding solutions . Can compare the different tooling desgin and choose a best option; Optimize the molding parameters to enhance the efficiency of tooling pilot injection . Wraping analysis

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Gearbox Design Platform Our gearbox design platform is a patent in ZhaoWei Compnay, it can create the precise model of planetary gear system with involute 、bevel gear 、spur gear etc.by the parameter calculation automatically. The advantage of this platform is combinated with the idea design 、structure design 、gear shape design and mold flow analysis etc. 圆柱类齿轮建模平台 NGW型行星系统 NGWN型行星机构 NW型行星系统 行星系统配齿平台 平行轴齿轮副计算 齿轮副受力校核 传动副效率计算

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The platform of gearbox design has obviously characters on the reasonable distribution of modified coefficient ,optimization of meshing angle,slip rate and coincidence area verification . Also, it has excellent advantages in interference analysis, improvement of gearbox working efficience, noise, working life etc.complex technical problems . NGW type involute planetary gear system Distribution of modified coefficient and interference analysis NW planetary mechanism design platform

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Dynamic Simulation and Finite Element Analysis In the design stage of gear and gearbox, use kinematic simulation to analyse and verify rotation situation and interference position. Also, use the finite element analysis technology and ANSYS Multiphysics module to analyse and verify the tooth surface strength of the arc gear and bevel gear in order to ensure the reliability of product . Double planetary dynamic mechanism simulation Stress analysis of spur gear tooth surface

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Precise Fabrication and Quality Assurance ZhaoWei

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Precision Precessing Center Tool manufacturing center have many high-precision processing machines , including AGIE wire cutting and AGIE EDM from Switzerland, Sodick wire cutting from Japan , MAKINO 、 FANUC and RODERS CNC, HAMAI hobbing machine from Japan and Switzerland WAHLI , to ensure the processing precision and enhance manufacturing effeicency.

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AGIE wire cutting machine Precision:0.003mm ,wire diameter0.03mm Switizerland AGIE wire CUT 6000S Precision:0.003mm wire dia.0.03mm Japan HAMAI hobbing Precision:ISO/ DIN 4 JIS 0 level Switizerland AGIE EDM Precision:0.005mm surface :R0.3 Switizerland AGIE wire CUT 2000S Precision:0.003mm wi

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