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Basic Specification: 1. Material: plastic/metal 5. Rated Load Speed: 4-1259rpm 6. Rated Load Current: 215-220mA

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Showcase • Facial Cleansing Brush

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The main function of facial cleansing brush is to make the cleansing products and the dirt on the skin fully combined and emulsified by vibrating and rubbing. For smart facial cleansing device, if the size is small, the torque may not be enough, so that the strength is not large enough to clean face; if the structure is too complicated, the volume will be too large, which is not suitable for daily use, or the cleaning strength is too large, which is easy to damage the surface skin. It can be seen that a good face washing instrument is mainly used to remove makeup and clean the skin without...

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Most of the range hoods on the market have large air volume and strong pressure, realizing the suction and purification of oil pollution. But there are still some disadvantages, such as noise. We investigated the consumer demand of the kitchen market and the research and development difficulties of kitchen manufacturers. By analyzing the internal structure of the range hood, the side suction of the fume will cause more troublesome cleaning and loud noise.The intelligent lifting action of the range hood spoiler and smoke leakage can be solved with the 24mm planetary gearbox solution. The...

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Consumer Electronics: all-screen phone camera, electric rotating camera for phone, intelligent portable photo printer for mobile phone, smart bike lock, automatic hair curler,e-cigarette cleaning part, vending machine, electric screwdriver Communication Technology: base station antenna Medical Technology: surgical stapling device Personal Care: fascia gun, electric foot grinder, treadmill pedal, water replenishing instrument, facial pore cleanser, face cleanser Motors brush DC motor, Brushless DC motor, stepper motor Planetary Gears 1. Material Plastic gear, powder metallurgy, hardwa

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2. Gear shape Helical gear, spur gear • Sun Gear 1. Material Plastic gear, powder metallurgy, hardware processing 2. Gear shape Helical gear, spur gear • Gearbox Stages single stage, 2-stage, 3-stage, 4-stage • Metal Shaft D-type, circular, double flat, hexagon, pentagon, square • Output Shaft D-type, circular, double flat, knurling • Bearing porous bearing, rolling bearing • Housing metal, plastic

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