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SCA126M-MB Type Dual-Axis Inclinometer SPECIFICATIONS Item No.SCA126M-MB DescriptionMODBUS Type Dual-Axis Inclinometer Production implementation standard reference ● Enterprise quality system standards: ISO9001: 2008 standard (certification number: 128101) ● Tilt sensor production standards: GB / T 191 SJ 20873-2003 inclinometer general specification of Level ● The Academy of metrology and quality inspection Calibrated in accordance to: JJF1119-2004 Electronic Level calibration Specification ● Gyro accelerometer test standard: QJ 2318-92 Gyro accelerometer test methods ● Software development reference standard: GJB 2786A-2009 military software development General requirements ● Product environmental testing standards: GJB150 ● Electromagnetic anti-interference test standards: GB / T 17626 ● VersionVer.09 ● Date:2014.4.22

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SCA126M-MB Modbus clinometer/level measurement - 2

SCA126M-MB Type Dual-Axis Inclinometer General Description SCA126M-MB is a MODBUS output dual-axis inclinometer launched by RION company to the industrial field control , using RS485 hardware differential bus transmit data.Built-in high-precision A / D differential converter, by 5 filtering algorithm, which can measure the angle of sensor output relative to the horizontal tilt and pitch tilt. Because of Built in ADI company’s high precision digital temperature sensor that can correct the sensor temperature drift in accordance with the changes of the built-in temperature sensor, to ensure...

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SCA126M-MB Modbus clinometer/level measurement - 3

SCA126M-MB Type Dual-Axis Inclinometer Ordering information: E.gSCA126M-MB-10dual-axis/±10° Measuring range/MODBUS output Technical Data Parameters Unit Measuring range Measuring axis Response time accuracy Long term stability Zero temperature coefficient Sensitivity temperature coefficient Output rate Output signal Resistance Shockproof Anti-vibration Protection glass Cables Standard 1M length、wearproof、grease proofing、wide temperature、 Shielded cables 4*0.4mm2 *This Technical data only list ± 10 °, ± 30 °, ± 60 °, + 90 ° series for reference, other measuring range

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SCA126M-MB Modbus clinometer/level measurement - 4

SCA126M-MB Type Dual-Axis Inclinometer please refer to the adjacent parameters Electronic Characteristics Resolution: Refers to the sensor in measuring range to detect and identify the smallest changed value. Absolute accuracy: Refers to in the normal temperature circumstances,the sensor absolute linearity, repeatability, hysteresis, zero deviation, and transverse error comprehensive error. Long term stability : Refers to the sensors in normal temperature conditions, the deviation between the maximum and minimum values after a year's long time work. Response time: Refers to the sensor in an...

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SCA126M-MB Modbus clinometer/level measurement - 5

SCA126M-MB Type Dual-Axis Inclinometer Measuring Directions&Fix The installation must guarantee the product bottom is parallel to measured face, and reduce the influence of dynamic and acceleration to the sensor. This product can be installed horizontally or mounted vertically (mounted vertically selection is only applicable to the single axis), for installation please refer to Production installation notes: Please follow the correct way to install tilt sensor, incorrect installation can cause measurement errors, with particular attention to the "surface", "line":: 1) The Sensor mounting...

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SCA126M-MB Modbus clinometer/level measurement - 6

SCA126M-MB Type Dual-Axis Inclinometer Dimension Electrical Connection Line color function Power Negative Power Positive Product MODBUS Protocol 1) MODBUS protocol stipulates that it should be over 3.5 byte time between two data frame(Eg. Under 9600 baud rate, the time is 3.5×1/9600×11=0.004s ). This sensor increase the time to 10ms for a enough margin, so please set 10ms time interval at least between each data frame. Host send command--10ms interval--slave response command--10ms time interval--host send command... 2)MODBUS protocol stipulates broadcast address---content relate to 0. This...

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SCA126M-MB Type Dual-Axis Inclinometer 3. 0 address to BUS, if the communication light flashes, then communication is in proper function. 3) for sake of system reliability, when set address and relative/absolutive command, it should be send two times continuously, which means two successful sending with continuous responses by slave, that is no data frame between the two inquiries, or the command will be locked till power off. Set as below: Send set address command--stand by for slave response set success command--send again set address command(no other command between)--stand by for slave...

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SCA126M-MB Modbus clinometer/level measurement - 8

SCA126M-MB Type Dual-Axis Inclinometer bits CRC Read the measured data command applicaton example Host computer sending Slave computer response 01H NoteSlave computer response data domain of the frames is 10H05H23H00H01H20H36H 00H The indicate way of XY Axis data is BCB codeX Axis is the 1-4 bytes of the data domainY Axis is the 5-8 bytes of the data domain the fourth byte and the eighth byte are the padding bytes no meaning 。 The X axis data symbols is indicated by the upper 4 bits of first byte Positive Negative 0 1 the Y Axis data symbols is indicated by the upper 4 bits of fifth byte...

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SCA126M-MB Modbus clinometer/level measurement - 9

SCA126M-MB Type Dual-Axis Inclinometer Note: 0011H is register address, the register control inclinometer address.Above example, the inclinometer address is changed to 0004H, the last two bytes is CRC checksum. >=K More information please visit Rion's company website: sales@

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