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Your Trusted Industry Automation Solution Provider SHENZHEN INVT ELECTRIC CO., LTD. No.4 Building, Gaofa Scientific Industrial Park, Longjing, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China Industrial Automation: Electric Power: • Frequency Inverter • Servo & Motion Control > HMI • Intelligent Elevator Contral System > New Energy Vehicle Electric Control System • Motor & Electric Spindle > Traction Drive > Online Energy Management System INVT Copyright. Information may be subject to change without notice during product improving. Product Catalogue invt

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Product Catalogue About INVT INVT, established in 2002, is committed to being the world's leading and most respected provider of electric drive, industrial control, and new energy products and services. In 2010, it listed as an A-share company on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code: 002334). INVT is a national-level high-tech company with nine subsidiaries, whose business involves AC drive, industrial control, new energy, rail traction, servo and motion control, energy management, building intelligence system, etc. Up to now, over 1100 people are employed at the company's headquarters,...

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Product Catalogue Quality Assurance Research and Development Testing System Assurance Thermal Design Lab Equipped with comprehensive numerical simulation and thermal design experiment capabilities, the lab is able to carry out air and water cooling tests. The lab provides an experimental foundation for new heat dissip-ation technique and technology. It meets the increasingly high heat di-ssipation requirements of the products' power density so as to ensure the products' reliability and service life. Primarily engaged in testing the Inverters' electric and control perform-ances in accordance...

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Product Introduction Goodrive10 mini economical inverters are designed for common applications of small power OEM market, with various functions of PID, multistage speed, DC braking, Modbus communication and others. Its smaller size can further reduce the installation space (the size is about 15% smaller than similar products). Applications Features Product Introduction Features • SVPWM • Natural cooling, suitable for the situations with a lot of cotton and dust : single phase or three phase220V 0.2-0.75kW with natural cooling and the other power with air cooling • Compact design, saving...

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Goodrive200A Series General Purpose Vector Inverters AC 3PH 380V( 15%)~440V(+10%) 0.75~500kW Product Introduction GoodrivelOO inverters contain both V/F and sensorless vector control. Uses newly designed platform to provide excellent motor drive performance and is a simple, high performance product aim at the general inverter market. Product Introduction • The excellent performance of motor drive for the rotating and staticautoturning • Independent air duct, wall and flange (wall) installation • Standard embedded C3 filters • Standard external keypad • IEC international standard design, CE...

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liwt Goodrive300 Series High Performance Open Loop Vector Inverters AC 3PH 380V(-15%)—440V(+10%) 1.5—500kW AC3PH 380V(-10%)~550V(+10%) 4~75kW AC3PH 520V(-15%)—690V(+10%) 22—630kW Goodrive35 Series High Performance Close Loop Vector Inverters AC 3PH 380V(-15%)~440V(+10%) 1.5—315kW AC 3PH 520V(-15%)—690V(+10%) 22—630kW Product Introduction Goodrive300 inverters are high performance open loop vector inverters for controlling asynchronous AC induction motors and permanent magnet synchronous motors. Applying the most advanced sensorless vector control which keeps pace with the leading...

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Product Introduction Features Goodrive800-11 (inverter unit) 380V 4kW~400kW 500V 4kW~400kW 660V 22kW~500kW Product Introduction Goodrive800 series industrial drive products apply module design, as well as the applications of heavy loads, to meet the high overload capacity, high reliability and continuous operation requirements in the industrial drive market. Applications Features GD100-PV series are inverters that INVT newly launches specially for solar pumping applications. Compared with existing solar pumping inverters, GD100-PV series improve the usability and performance and extend...

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Product Catalogue Goodrive100-03 Series Special Inverters For Dual Variable-frequency Drawing Machines Goodrive300-01Series Special Inverters For Air Compressor Product Introduction Goodrive100-03 series inverters which integrate the control requirements of big, medium, small and mini drawing machines are the special vector inverters for the dual variable-frequency drawing machines in cable manufacturing industry. It can work in the metal dust, moisture and corrosion environment, greatly enhancing the reliability of the inverter in the drawing machine industry. Product Introduction • Easy...

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Product Introduction Goodrive300-15 inverters are the medium frequency inverters based on Goodrive300. Its maximum output frequency is 3200Hz with excellent control performance, small frequency fluctuation and low motor noise. It is mainly used in the high speed rotation applications such as CNC carves-milling machines, high-end woodworking engraving machines and high-speed grinding machines. Product Introduction The maximum output frequency is 3200Hz (AM) Motor drive control with high performance and precision Excellent weakening magnetic control and low motor noise Various frequency...

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Goodrive300-19 Series Special Inverters For Crane AC 3PH 380V(-15%)~440V(+10%) 1.5-315kW Goodrive300-69 Series SVC Special Inverters For Construction Machinery AC 3PH 380V(-15%)~440V(+10%) 18.5 - 132kW Product Introduction Goodrive300-19 inverters are the open loop vector inverters which are especially developed for the heavy-load applications and control. Features Product Introduction Features Improved more than 30 fault protections of the braking logic control box to prevent the device away from dangers The product and certification meet the European CE standards with the better...

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