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IVC Series Programmable Controller - 1

IVC Series Programmable Controller

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IVC Series Programmable Controller - 2

IVC3 series programmable controller Enterprise introduction INVT (Shenzhen INVT Electric Co., Ltd.), a high-tech enterprise founded in 2002, is a key member of national torque plan. Since its foundation, INVT has been devoted to becoming the globally leading and respected provider of products and services in industrial automation and energy power fields, and providing the best products and services to allow customers more competitiveness. Based on innovations and breakthroughs made in core areas like power electronics, auto control, IT, etc, INVT has evolved into an industry giant with...

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IVC Series Programmable Controller - 3

Overview of IVC series PLC product family IVC系列PLC产品家族概览 Product performance High-performance type IVC3 series General type Flexible type IVC1L series Delicate type IVC1S series In order to satisfy customized needs of different industries, we provide customer with four kinds of IVC series PLC, which are delicate, flexible, general and high performance. The new design theory and abundant product portfolio of IVC series products contribute to the improvement on production efficiency, reduction of product cost and enhancing of product compet

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IVC Series Programmable Controller - 4

IVC3 series programmable controller INVT industrial automation system solution INVT CLOUD Ethernet adaptor Motion control function CANopen bus supports 32-axis motion control Transmitter Smart meter Ethernet adaptor Motion controller Remote extension Support Modbus protocol, connect to 64 slave devices to the maximum ITC intelligent temperature controller Support Modbus protocol, extend to 9 temperature modules to EtherCAT drive multi-shaft servo the maximum; 36 groups of temperature signal channels in total INVT strives to provide customers with comprehensive and integrated system solution...

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IVC Series Programmable Controller - 5

IVC series programmable controller Excellent communication performance Multiple communication modes Multiple communication ports and built-in communication protocols, including Modbus, free-port, N:N, programming port protocols, are provided, implementing the flexible device control networking. MODBUS protocol Free-port protocol Special N:N networking mode This mode implements the networking of multiple PLCs, and thus allows them to gain peer access to specific M and D component information. This mode is applicable to control the interlocking of correlated devices in the system. It adopts...

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IVC Series Programmable Controller - 6

High-speed input and output High-speed input . High-speed input ports of X0 to X7, supporting functions including counting, pulse capture, external interruption, and frequency detection . Supporting single-phase counting, single-phase increment and decrement counting, and two-phase counting . Supporting the digital filtering function Double-pulse input High-speed output . Supporting a maximum of 3 100 kHz pulse output . Supporting two modes, namely pulse train output (PTO) and pulse width modulation (PWM) . Implementing the positioning control functions including the origin return (DSZR),...

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IVC Series Programmable Controller - 7

IVC series programmable controller Simplified program development User-friendly programming interfaces . Providing a project management window to User subprogram Local variable table Subprogram interrupting Instruction tree window . Providing an information window to implementing the quick locating of program compiling errors . Providing an instruction tree window Main program faciliate the quick switching of the main program and subprograms Programming workspace Project management window to allow quick queries on the instruction library Information window Status bar Supporting multiple...

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IVC Series Programmable Controller - 8

Configuration function for extension modules The AD, DA, TC, and PT extension modules of PLCs can be initialized by using the configuration function for special modules, which simplifies the initialization of function modules, and thus avoids the compiling of the complicated initialization instruction program. / * Input type selection */ / * Channel 1 lower limit */ / * Channel 1 upper limit */ Read data of channels 1 and 2 and store it in D0 and D2 / * Channel 2 lower limit */ / * Channel 2 upper limit */ Function configuration of the special module Simple communication instruction No...

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IVC Series Programmable Controller - 9

IIVC series programmable controller Adopting a brand new password mechanism to provide multi-password protection, which improves the safety of the user program Upload password Download password Monitoring password Upload disabled Subprogram encryption Password retry limit Formatting disabled Power failure protection Using a FLASH storage device to store the user program and data, which prevents data loss due to power failure Using rugged input and output electronic components to ensure the long service life Mean time between failures (MTBF)

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IVC Series Programmable Controller - 10

Typical industrial application IVC products are widely used in the manufacturing of mechanical equipment, including the textile machinery, machine tools, metal processing machinery, food machinery, packaging machinery, construction machinery, and printing machinery. Textile machinery Machine tools Metal processing machinery Food machinery Packaging machinery Construction machinery

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IVC Series Programmable Controller - 11

IIVC series programmable controller

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IVC Series Programmable Controller - 13

jB/cleries programmable controller Electrical specifications of analog input channels Specification name

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IVC Series Programmable Controller - 14

Note: IVC1S series controllers are compact products. They do not support extension modules.

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IVC Series Programmable Controller - 15

Product introduction IVC2L series products are general-purpose small-sized PLCs, which can be flexibly extended, provide quick communication, and are applicable to various complicated application scenarios. • Supporting a maximum of 512-point I/O extension • Supporting 6 high-speed pulse inputs and 2 high-speed pulse outputs • Supporting extension of modules including the analog and temperature modules, and extension of RS485 communication • Certified by EU Rosh

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IVC Series Programmable Controller - 16

Extension module models

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IVC Series Programmable Controller - 17

IIVC series programmable controller IVC1L series products are smart small-sized PLCs, which are designed in a compact structure, provide strong functions, and support flexible I/O configuration. • Supporting a maximum of 128-point I/O extension • Supporting 2 AB phase inputs, 6 single-phase high-speed pulse inputs, and 3 high-speed pulse outputs • Providing multiple main modules with different I/O configurations, different input power supplies, and integrated analog channels • Providing three standard independent serial communication ports: Port0 to Port2 • Certified by EU Rosh

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