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invt Product configuration Digital control system Feed-in servo motor Spindle servo drive system Synchronous spindle Servo drive of Knife tower power Synchronous spindle servo motor system / Product advantages INVT drilling and lathe solutions Solution advantages The CNC lathe and CNC turning center which apply RE permanent magnet synchronous cooling spindle motor have big torque at low speed, high precision SIN/COS encoder and CS and CF control. Compared with the asynchronous servo spindle motor in the market, RE permanent magnet synchronous cooling spindle motor has bigger torque, more electrical rigid and faster response speed. CNC system architecture efficiency can be improved rapidly after using the speed synchronization of RE permanent magnet synchronous spindle motor and spindle motor, servo derives and optimization control solution. The cost of the whole solution is nearly the same as the domestic mainstream CNC lathe, but the performance and efficiency is better. The performance is nearly the same as the imported products, but the cost is lower. / The difference between synchronous motors asynchronous motors • There are large induced current present in the rotor cage of AM, which may cause large copper heat to about 200°C between the rotor and spindle. The spindle may be deformated rapidly, making unstable spindle dimension and leading low accuracy of surface processing; while there is no induced current for SM. Because of low heating, its dimension stability and processing accuracy is high enough to enable advanced features of excellent torque characteristics of torque, high torque stability at changing loads, keep constant movement of cutting or grinding devices and ensure high surface processing quantity. • Generally, the rated speed of AM spindle is relatively high and the rated torque is small accordingly to meet the needs of power ratings, so the load capacity is poor at low speed range. If low rated speed is required at the same power rating, it is necessary to enlarge the torque output and motor size. But for SM, it follows the constant-torque rules strictly, so the size can be reduced by 30% at the same power and torque. • SM has no excitation current and its power factor is close to 1. At the rated speed, all rotors are used for output torque to embed the high working efficiency. But the AM needs high excitation current, which cause large motor loss and low efficiency and the general power factor is 0.3-0.85. Working at the rated speed, SM can save more than 15% energy. If the load transits, the energy saving ratio is higher. • There is thulium permanent magnet on the rotor surface of SM. It is featured with high spindle rigidity, reliable and stable mechanical characteristics; while the AM spindle is made of copper or aluminum squirrel cage with the dis advantages of small valid diameter, poor rigidity and slow response. invt Website:www. SHENZHEN INVT ELECTRIC CO., LTD. No.4 Building, Gaofa Scientific Industrial Park, Longjing, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China Industrial Automation: • Frequency Inverter • Servo & Motion Control • Motor & Electric Spindle • PLC • HMI • Intelligent Elevator Contral System • Traction Drive Electric Power: • SVG • Solar Inverter • UPS • Online Energy Management System • New Energy Vehicle Electric Control System INVT Copyright. Y6/1-06 V1.0

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j INVT drilling and lathe solutions Electrical control diagram / Compound machine tool solutions mvt The comprehensive solution applies INVT SV_DA200 feed-in servo motor, INVT synchronous spindle servo motor and INVT RE permanent magnet synchronous spindle motor. Compared with the conventional drilling and tapping machines, its overload capacity, response speed and tapping speed is better. And the high tenacity cutting at low speed, high speed and high precision processing and high-speed synchronous tapping are available. Equipment appearance Solution advantages 1. The fast response and...

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