Royal Technology/Unbalance Magnetron Sputtering/Closed Magnetic Filed/Carbon Thin Film Deposition


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Nowadays itf s more important than ever for manufacturers to develop and find best coating solutions to achieve maximum product quality and lowest production costs, while preserving our environment Especially in the automobile industry, which has high production costs, scientists have been looking relentlessly for alternatives to petrol, which is limited in supply and pollutes our planet State of the art PVD Vacuum Coating Technology provides the most efficient solutions to all these crudal issues. KTr^LTECHNOlOGY BOflOpOflHblX FCEV B Hacrofluiee BpeMfl Ann npon3BOflHTe/ieti K3K HnxorRa BaxcHO pa3pa6aTbiBaTb ii HaxoflMTb eynuine peiueHun pjin HaHeceHun noKpbiTMM Ann flocnuKeHun Han/iynuiero KanecrBa npoflynmin n MUHMMa/IbHblX npOM3BOflCTBeHHbK 3aTp3T npM C0Xp3HeHHM OKpyxcaioiAeM cpeflbi. 0co6eHHO b aBTOMo6nj"ibHOH npoMbiuineHHOCTVi, Korapan HMeeT Bbiconne npon3BOflCTBeHHbie n3flepx<Kn, yneHbie HeycraHHO muyr anbTepHaTMBbi 6eH3MHy, KoropuM orpaHiweH b nocraBKax n 3arpn3Hfler Haiuy rmaHery. CoBpeMeHHan TexHO/iorvw BaKyyMHoro noupbumr PVD oSecneHiiBaer HanSonee acjxjMKriiBHoe peweHiie Bcex arvrx B3>KHblX BOnpOCOB. FCEV Bipolar Plate Coating Royal Technology's Solution on Bipolar Plates Coating FC stack contains an array of catalyst coated membranes and stainless steel plates, called "bipolar plates”. The electrolyte membrane is the key technology, this special coating provides a low contact resistance and prevents corrosion through the fuel cell's lifetime. noKpbiTiie 6nno/inpHbix n/iacriiH FCEV PeuieHMeorKOMiiaHMMRoyal Technology no noKpbnwo 6nnonflpHbix n/iacniH naxer FC coflepxcm mscchb noKpbiTbix KaTa/iH3aiopoM Mevi6paH n n/iacTHH m3 HepxcaBeioiAeM cra/iu, HaabiBaewbix «6nno/inpHbiMn nnacniHaMM». 3/ieKrpo/MTnafl MeMSpaHa aB/ieeTca K/noneBOM TexHonorneii, aro cneuna^bHoe noKpume oSecnenuBaer HH3«oe KomaKTHoe conpoTHB/ieHne m npeflOTBpamaeT Koppoawo b TeneHne Bcero cpoxa cnyxcSu Ton/iMBHoro 3/ieMeHTa. 3/ieKTpnMecTBO ot Berpa, BOflbl, CO/IHeSHblX HCTOHHMKOB Driving Power Hydrogen as a renewable energy source, from industrial gas waste, wind power or electrolysis of water Electricity from wind, water, solar sources Petrol oil, fossil fuel source Boflopofl KaK BO3o6H0BnaeMbm McroHHMK sHeprvni M3 npoMbiui/ieHHbix ra30Bbix OTxoflOB, SHeprnn Beipa ww 3iieKrpomi3a boam 5eH3MH, MCTOHHMK MCKonaeMoro TOn/iHBa Charging Time Fossil fuel gases such as COfl SOH Market Share

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5. Welding 5. CBapxa 8. Others 8.flpyroe Royal Technology FCEV1213 ijgsf fltswg Bipolar Plate Coating Equipment For Hydrogen FCEV ^ royaltcchnouxy Equipment Structure Vertical orientation, octagonal structure, 2 doors opening (front and back) for easy acoess. Equipment Features • Environmentally friendly system, no hazardous waste •Total integration, modular design ■ Commercialized and standardized for industrial mass production • Extremely efficient ion source for strong adhesion and high ionization • Easy Operation: Touch screen + PLC control, one touch operation •With Royal Technology1 s...

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Royal Technology/Unbalance Magnetron Sputtering/Closed Magnetic Filed/Carbon Thin Film Deposition - 3

Linear Ion Source-Assisted Deposition Linear Ion Source - Plasma Etching ZlMHeMHblM MOHHbIM MCTOHHMK-BCnOMOrare/lbHO€ OCcOKfleHMe /lnHewHbiM MOHHbiM mctohhmk-nna3MeHHoe TpaB/ieHMe Technical Specifications Performance • To improve the conductivity of surface • High corrosion resistance • High wear resistance • High hardness • Hydrophobic composition film and other functional films ■Available for compound coatings: metallic and non-metallic films • Film thickness range from lOOnm to 12pm, thickness tolerance±5% • Strong adhesion • Low tempering parts surface hardening treatment...

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