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Royal Technology/PVD chrome plating/ Chrome electroplating Replacement by PVD process/PVD hard chrome plating - 1

PVD Chrome Coating Process PVD npoLjecc HaHeceHM* ngn ROYAL TECHNOIOGY Chrome plating is a film surface treatment, which has been commonly used in many industrial sectors, to provide excellent shiny decoration, which prevented corrosion and abrasion. However, the hexavalent Chrome electroplating (06+) damaged the health of operators and ruined our environment Therefore, bivalent Chrome electroplating (03+) replaced the 06+ plating. But with higher quality requirements by clients and lower production cost demands by manufactures, an alternative low-cost solution needed to be found, while preventing negative health impacts and damages to our environment PVD treatment has been identified as the perfect solution to these issues. Royal Technology has developed standardized PVD coating equipment, which can be applied with various materials: ABS, ABS + PC, PA, PBT, Brass, Brass alloy, Metal steel, Zinc alloy, Aluminum alloy. PVD revolutionized chrome processing in industries such as: Automotive (e.g. Interior trims, Logo, etc) Fashion Consumer electronics Tooling instruments Lighting Packaging Bathroom fixtures Home appliance And in many other industries, parts need protective layers and aesthetic coatings. PVD chrome coating benefits ■ Environmentally friendly: the whole process is dean, totally free of chemical CO, emissions ■ High aesthetic finishing with a brilliant metallic look ■High hardness, abrasion and corrosion resistant, durable; high uniformity; adjustable thickness through proper coating redpes and operating processes • High repeatability, fast cycle time, more cost-effident products •Wide range of finishes: reflective, glossy and matte; brightness from see-through to semi-transparent from frill coverage to reflective finishing • Large variety of substrates, greater flexibility and choice in product design •Saver for operators • Reliability, being able to operate the machine 24/7 • High yield • Recyclability BASE COATING TOP COATING: It provides protection to the PVD metal layer and increases its performance PVD METAL LAYER: Metal or alloy: Chromium, Titanium, Copper, Brass, Silver, Aluminum, Nickel-Chrome, Stainless Steel and others BASE COATING: It levels substrate imperfection, improves adhesion, provides brightness to the surface and improves the substrates hardness XpoMHpoBame - aro nneHOHHan o6pa6ama noBepxHOcm, koto pan LUMpoKO Mcno/ib3yercfl bo MHOrux orpac/inx npOMbiui/ieHHOCTM, 4io6bi o6ecne*HHTb or/iMHHyio 6/iecrainyto oifle/iKy, npefljOTBpaupoiqyio h3hoc h woppcsmo. OftHawo ranbBaHMMecKoe noKpbrme urecrviBaneHTHbiM xpomom (06 +) naHocwT ymep6 onpyraromew cpefte n 3flopoBbK> rrepooHana. rio0TOMy TpexBaneHTHoe xpoMMpoBaHMe ra/ibeaHUMecKviM noKpbrrueM (03 +) 3aMeHkino ra/ibBawmecKoe noKpbrme 06 +. Ho c yneroM 6onee bmcokmx Tpe6oBaHMM k KanecTBy co cropOHbi KnueHTOB h Tpe6oBaHne 6o/iee hm3kom ceSecroMMOcm nporaaoflCTBa, Heo6xoflHMo 6bino Hawm a/iBiepHaruiBHoe Hefloporoe peureHiie, npeAOTBpaman npn stom HeramiBHoe BoaflewcTBwe Ha 3flopoBbe n\op,ev\ m yiqep6 OKpyxorameM cpefle. npoutecc PVD 6bin anpeflenen raK Mflea/ibHoe petueHHe bcbhmkujmx npotimeM. KoMnaHMA Royal Technology pa3pa6orana craHflaprvoMpOBaHHoe o6opyftOBaHne Ann HaHeceHiin noKpbiTvw PVD, Koropoe mokho HaHocmb Ha noBepxHoob c/ieflyKXLtux Marepna/ioB: ABC, ABC + nK, nA, nBT, /laryHb, /lanyHHbiM cnnaB, MerannimecKan cra/ib, L(MHKOBbiM cnnaB, AnioMMHMeBbiM cnnaB. PVD npon3Ben peBonroiyno b npomecoe xpoMiipoBaHMfl b tbkmx orpacnnx, xaic ABroMo6wibHafl (HanpHMep, BHyipeHHnn OT^e/iKa, nororvin v\ t. a.) Moyqa, axceayapbi m ynpaujenun BbnoBan anetopoHMKa 06pa6arrbiBaK)iHMM MHcnpyMeHT Oassrme/ibHbie npw6opbi yhaxoBKa Ca+nexHHxa BbnoBan TexHiiica M bo MHomxflpyrvix orpacnnx, r^e Heo6xoflMMbi 3au^nTHbie noKpbrrun h acieTVHHbiii bma H3fle/inn. npeMMyu^CTBaxpoMOE roPVD noKpbrmn •3KonorvmecKM Mucroe: npoqecc nonHocruo aKonorvmeaai nwcrbiM, aSconiOTHO 6ea xnwnHecKMx BbifipocoB Co, • Bbicoxan acrerHHHan oinenKa c 6/iecramiiM Mera/viMMecKMM acjxjjeKTOM • Bbiooxan raepflpcrb, ii3hococtom Kocn v\ Koppa3MOHHafl croHKoerb, ftonroBenHOCTb; Bbicoxan OflHOpOflHOCTb; perynupyeMan TOnmima 6/iaroflapn cootb rcrsyioiMHM penemypaM noKpbnua ii pa6oHHM npoqeccaM • Bbicoxan noBTopaeMoerb, nopamoe BpeMfl Lpncna, 6onee fleweBoe npOH3BOflCTBO • llliipoKMM cnetop OTfle/iKn: CBeroorpaxaioiqasi, mHHu^Ban ia MaroBan; npracTb or npoapaHHoro flo nonynpospaHHoro, or cnnoujHoro noupbrnw pp orparxaioimeii orflennn • Eonbuioe pa3noo6pa3ne noflna/KeK; nymuafl rvi&«XTb m Bbi6op flM3aiiHa H3ftennfl • Be3onacHocrb flna oneparopoB • Hafle>KHoab, cnoco6nocrb ycranoBKM pa6orarb 24/7 • BbicoKan npn6binbnocrb • noBropneMOCTb OCHOBHOE nOKPblTME YO/iaK (oni4MOHam>Ho) BEPXHEE nOKPbmiE: OSecneHHBaer 3au^iuy Mera/uiMMecKoro cnoa FVD h noBbiuraer era xapaKrepucrviKM. PVD C/10H METAA/1A: Merann ham cnnaB: xpoM, rnraH, Meflb, naiyHb, cepe6po, antoMHHiiM, HMKenb-xpoM, HepxcaBeioiqan cra/ib Mflp. OCHOBHOE nOKPblTME: BbipaBHHBaer HecoBepureHcrBo noflno>KKM, ynyMuiaerr aflre3MK>, o6ecnem4Baer npKocrb noBepxHocm m noBbiuiaerTBepAOCTb nojyioxcKii.

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Royal Technology/PVD chrome plating/ Chrome electroplating Replacement by PVD process/PVD hard chrome plating - 2

Royal Technology PVD-Crl600 Equipment Features Royal Technology PVD-Crl600 XapaKrepHcniKM o6opyflpBaHnn Royal Technology PVD-Crl600 Equipment Features Royal Technology PVD-Crl600 XapaKrepHcmKn o6opyflOBaHnn Satellites Vacuum Pump Groups * Robust design and Laser precision machining * Efficient pump-down system contains 2 sets DP28” diffusion pump •Magnetic fluid sealing device ‘Cold-trap device to prevent oil vapour molecules from diffusion • Mechanical bearings (optional ceramic bearings) pump into chamber Control System: Human Machine Interface (HMI) •Custom-designed user interface can be...

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Royal Technology/PVD chrome plating/ Chrome electroplating Replacement by PVD process/PVD hard chrome plating - 3

Utility RequirementTpe6yeMbie xoMMyHMxaqMM Deposition Chamber (mm) Stainless Steel with lineis 01600XH1600 (63” x63”) Pacxofl: 80 ji/mmh nnn 6o/iee pj\n pyrn, mctohhmkob pacnbmeHUfl n BaxyyMHbix HacocoB; TeMnepaiypa BOflbi (Ha BXOfle): 20 ~ 25 °C Oxnax<flaioinaji BOfla flaaneHMe BOflbi (Ha Bxofle): 0,3 Mna ~ 0,4 Mna flaaneHMe BOflbi (Ha Bbixofle): MeHee 0,1 Mila, pa3Hnqa Me>Kfly BXOflOM M BbIXOflOM OKOSIO 0,3 Mila. KanecTBO boaw: conpoTHB/ieHkie He MeHee 5 kOm*cm KoH0kirypaqMn ycraHOBKn b cooTBercrBMM c Tpe6oBaHMBMM 3axa3HMxa, cxeMa xpen/ieHHB n n/iaH pacnonoxteHMB cocraBHbix nacreM...

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